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ManageEngine Newsletter April 2017

Welcome to our ManageEngine news update.

This month we have news about enhancements to ServiceDesk Plus and a GDPR compliance handbook. An introduction to Patch Manager Plus and the usual product updates for the most common ManageEngine products.

1. ServiceDesk Plus 9.3
2. ManageEngine GDPR Compliance Handbook
3. New Product - Patch Manager Plus
5. ManageEngine Product Updates

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1. ServiceDesk Plus 9.3

ServiceDesk Plus 9.3 is now available and includes a range additional features and enhancements. These include; customisable dashboards, project templates and additional fields for service requests.

Further information is available here.

ServiceDesk Plus is available to install in-house (on premise) or hosted online (cloud). The cloud based version is now available from EU based datacentres in Dublin and Amsterdam.

2. ManageEngine GDPR Compliance Handbook

ManageEngine have published a GDPR compliance handbook which is available to download. With just a little over a year left before introduction, many organisations are scrambling to find ways to comply with the new GDPR mandate.

The handbook is available from this link.

The handbook includes information about 
EventLog Analyzer. EventLog Analyzer is a cost effective Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution. Using EventLog Analyzer software, organisations can automate the entire process of managing logs by collecting, analysing, searching, reporting, and archiving from one central location.

EventLog Analyzer can be combined with ADAudit Plus by using the Log360 console. Log360 is an integrated solution that combines EventLog Analyzer and ADAudit Plus into a single console to help you manage your Active Directory auditing and network security. Log360 was included in Garner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant for SIEM tools.

3. New Product - Patch Manager Plus

A stand-alone patch management product has been released - Patch Manager Plus. Patch Manager Plus is an automated patch management application that lets IT teams patch Windows, Mac, Linux and third-party applications from a single interface. Deploy patches seamlessly across desktops, laptops, servers, roaming devices and virtual machines. Automate patch management life cycle from detection to deployment of patches. Patch Manager Plus can automatically:

• Detect and download missing patches
• Test and approve patches
• Deploy patches when applications are not in use
• Install patches during non-business hours
• Wake devices before deployment and reboot them after patches are installed
• Deny patches for specific groups and departments
• Audit patch deployment and run reports

Further information and evaluation software is available here.

Patch management will continue to be a feature of Desktop Central.

4. ManageEngine Product Updates

Please follow any upgrade instructions carefully. If you have not updated an application for some time then it may take several steps to get to the latest version.

ServiceDesk Plus
9.3 - Build 9305

Desktop Central 10.0 - 
Build 10.0.56

OpManager 12.2 - 
Build 12200

Password Manager Pro 8.7 - 
Build 8703

Applications Manager 13.2 - Build 13210

ADManager Plus 6.5 - 
Build 6560

ADAudit Plus 5.0 - 
Build 5031

ADSelfService Plus 5.3 - 
Build 5327

Exchange Reporter Plus 5.1 - Build 5174

EventLog Analyzer 11.4 - Build 11043

For further information on any of the topics mentioned please contact Tim on +353 (0)1 2304242 or email