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Absolute Service Appliance

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LiveTime Appliance Panel

Absolute Service is available as a virtual appliance, significantly reducing the time and effort installing and maintaining your system.


The appliance currently supports VMware, XenServer and the Open Virtualization Format (OVF). The configuration menu provides access to the key functions of the Absolute Service operating system as well as utilization statistics. Traditional installation times have moved from hours to minutes.

Performance & Security

One of the key advantages of our virtual appliance is that Absolute Service takes care of the core infrastructure for you so you can be sure it has been secured and optimized for service delivery. The virtual machine is based around Absolute Service’s own JeOS (Just Enough Operating System), a Linux distribution that has been specifically tuned for  performance.

Development & Testing

Not only is this virtualization great for production environments, but equally useful in test environments, where you can spin up a new instance for training or development as needed using desktop virtualization tools from VMware, Citrix and Sun.


Virtual Platforms

VMware ESX 3, 3.5, 4
VMware Fusion 2, 3
VMware Server 2
VMware Player 2, 3
VMware Workstation 5 or above
Citrix XenServer 5.0 or above
Sun Virtual Box 2.2 or above
Microsoft HyperV
SaaS Providers

Absolute Service’s lightweight and scalable architecture has been specifically designed for SaaS service providers. New instances can be deployed instantly using a standard virtual machine console. Tenancy and isolation is handled at the appliance level with no data co-mingling. Each appliance can operate in as little as 512Mb of RAM and can scale accordingly. Absolute Service also offers other multi-tenant approaches for SaaS providers using other architectures.

Absolute Service’s Virtual appliance includes Absolute Service 7 and supports 9 ITIL v3 processes out-of-the-box. The appliance operates in 64 bits and effortlessly scales to meet the needs of any customer.

Seamless Updates

As a standalone platform, the Absolute Service Virtual appliance also includes an auto update facility so that you can automatically keep up to date with the latest release. Simply choose the update option and Absolute Service will automatically download and install the latest release direct from the console.
Open Standards

Absolute Service supports open standards and includes Apache, Tomcat  and Java  within it’s highly tuned operating system. With a simple menu driven interface it is very easy to control any aspect of the system, from the default time zone to the network interface and upgrade facility.


The virtual appliance also allows users to switch on SSL delivery for more secure access to Absolute Service using a simple menu option. Since the system has been specifically designed for Absolute Service all core services have been hardened for access through ports 80 or 443 (if enabled).

Best Practices

Your customers demand higher service than ever before, so it is important that your service solution is up to the task. With a built-in search engine, Absolute Service provides instant access to every request and monitoring of each service level agreement. Customers have access to their entire support history and complete access to the knowledge base, saving your technicians significant time answering routine questions and procedures. You can also be confident that you are following best practices, as Absolute Service is ITIL 3 certified for 11 processes.