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Absolute Service SAAS

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Absolute Service can be deployed in many different ways.

More organizations are choosing Software as a Service (SaaS) as a deployment option when budgets are tight and capital expenditure is harder to come by. SaaS also has many additional benefits such as:

  • No upgrades required
  • No maintenance required
  • No hardware to deal with
  • Dynamic scalability
  • Low cost of entry

Absolute Service also offers the same ease of use with its private cloud virtual appliance that can be deployed within minutes. The configuration menu provides access to the key functions of the LiveTime operating system as well as utilization statistics.

SaaS Credit

LiveTime SAAS

Absolute Service offers full credit to all customers using our SaaS solution within the first 12 months. If you later decide you would like to purchase a perpetual license and move in-house you can do so with a full credit for what you have already spent. So whatever you decide you can’t go wrong.

Private URL

Every SaaS customer recieves their own URL such as, making customer service seamless for any size organization.

Templates for Everything

Absolute Service provides workflows for all processes right out of the gate. You can use them as is, modify them or even create your own.

No Long Term Contracts

Absolute Service does not lock you into long term contracts. LiveTime also allows you to use only what you need. Start with Incident Management and add Problem, Change and Deployment as you need them. Only pay for the processes you need.

The Difference

Absolute Service is constantly adding new features and every customer receives the latest updates as they are released. No waiting for IT to schedule and test an upgrade and re-implement integrations. As long as you adhere to Absolute Service's public API, all integrations will continue to function as before. Absolute Service’s rapid implementation means you can be up and running in days. Simply choose the integrations you require and start using the product immediately. No coding necessary. Even customization is easy. Simply use the administration portal and toggle the appropriate options and they are immediately available to service your needs.


Every SaaS customer not only has their own URL but also an individual data store. There is no co-mingling of data and all information is stored securely on multiple RAID devices and backed up to the Amazon Cloud for disaster recovery. All systems have been hardened at the operating system layer and are applications accessed via 2048 bit SSL encryption from any standard web browser. No plugins, No Flash, No Java, just HTML 5.