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ADManager Plus

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What is ADManager Plus?


ADManager Plus is a simple, easy-to-use Windows Active Directory Management and Reporting Solution that helps AD Administrators and Help Desk Technicians with their day-to-day activities. With a centralized and Intuitive web-based UI, the software handles a variety of complex tasks like Bulk Management of User accounts and other AD objects, Delegate Role based access to Help Desk Technicians, and generates an exhaustive list of AD Reports, some of which are an essential requirement to satisfy Compliance Audits.

What problems does it solve?

  • Eliminates repetitive, mundane and complex tasks associated with AD Management.
  • Automates routine AD Management and Reporting activities for AD Administrators.
  • Facilitates Creation, Management and deletion of AD objects in Bulk.
  • Acts as an essential resource during Compliance Audits like SOX, HIPAA, etc.

What features does it offer ?

  • Single and Bulk User Management
  • Computer Management
  • Group Management
  • OU-based Administration
  • Contact Management
  • Help Desk Delegation
  • AD reports (Schedulable/Compliance Oriented)

What platforms/vendors/technologies does it support?

Platforms: Windows (32-bit/64-bit support).
Technology: Windows Active Directory.
Vendor: Microsoft.


Active Directory Management
Every IT Administrator faces the challenge of managing user accounts in Active Directory almost everyday. Configuring user properties manually is extremely time consuming, tiresome, and error-prone, especially in a large, complex Windows network. Moreover, accomplishing these tasks also demands a deep knowledge in Active Directory and related technologies
A software that can automate these cumbersome tasks, simplify AD management and provide exhaustive reports on tasks done and their status, is the need of the hour. ADManager Plus is one simple solution for Active Directory Management that is just a click away.
ADManager Plus is a comprehensive web-based Active Directory Management software that simplifies User provisioning and Active Directory administration. The solution features a single console from which IT management can view and manage Active Directory users, computers, contacts, groups and reports on Active Directory environment. ADManager Plus avoids manual, error prone administrative activities on Active Directory and saves time and cost.
The ADManager Plus, with its ease-of-use, intuitive UI, eliminates the need of using command line tools and scripts to manage the Active Directory. It saves the administrator's time with its integrated management and reporting module.
User Management
ADManager Plus makes it simple to manage thousands of your active directory users through its bulk user operation and easy-to-work interface. User management in ADManager Plus   helps you to create and modify users, configure their general attributes, exchange attributes, terminal services attributes, etc.
Computer Management
This feature allows you to manage all the computers in your environment from anywhere, you can modify the group & general attributes of computers, move them between organizational units and enable/disable them.
Group Management
Managing windows groups gets more flexible with our Group management, where in you can create and modify groups, add/remove bulk users to them and configure exchange attributes all at one instant.
Contact Management
All the active directory users contacts can be imported and can be updated in active directory. This simplifies the tedious process of selecting individual users and updating his contact attributes.
Help Desk Delegation
Using this feature administrator can create help desk technicians and delegate them desired tasks like reset passwords, unlock user accounts, create users, etc. Help desk users can share workload of administrators and let him concentrate on core administrative activities.
Reports & Management
ADManager Plus provides information on different active directory objects as reports, and allows you to view, analyze the information from here itself.
Ex: You can get the list of all inactive users from the 'inactive users' report and modify the account status to active from the reports itself.
After reading the above description if you feel that one needs to have a sound knowledge of Active Directory you are mistaken, rather this tool is engineered to meet the difficulties of Administrators who are not experts in Active Directory; all the operations you perform through ADManager Plus will be very simple and user friendly.
Other features
Active Directory Reset Password - Resetting expired, forgotten or compromised passwords is a everyday work for Administrators. ADManager Plus has an in-built dedicated feature aimed at reducing this manual work
Active Directory Terminal Services - Microsoft Terminal Services allows IT departments to bring their applications to a single server for use by users anywhere in the world. ADManager Plus facilitates the bulk modification of these terminal services attributes from one single place.
Cleanup your Active Directory by Removing unused user accounts - Over time, user and computer accounts become obsolete and needs elimination. ADManager Plus helps you to trace out all inactive, disabled, account-expired users and computers in Active Directory.
Give restricted access to help desk and IT staff to manage AD users and objects - The administrator can create a login for the HR personnel with the permission to create new users in the Active Directory. The HR personnel can login and access only the delegated task of creating new users
Active Directory bulk user modification - ADManager Plus allows mass modification of user attributes, including the Exchange and Terminal Services attributes. Common modifications, such as resetting password, changing the display name, creating mailbox, moving users between OUs.
Active Directory Security Delegation
ADManager Plus uses role-based permission management for efficient Active Directory Administration. A role is a logical grouping of permissions based on common security administration tasks. Access Control Lists (ACLs) hold the permissions associated with a Active Directory objects. Access Control Entries (ACEs) of the object's access control lists that determines security principles and the permissions associated with it.
Creating security roles is much simpler than manipulating Access Control Lists (ACLs). The Security roles can be easily delegated consistently to more than one user or computer or a group. This minimizes error and ensures consistency in delegating security permissions.
Out-of-the-box Delegations
ADManager Plus comes with the built-in security roles that can be directly delegated to the security principals to grant the following permissions
To reset the user password
To unlock the user accounts
To add or remove members from groups
To move users to a different OU within the domain
To move computers to a different OU within the domain
To add/remove workstations in the domain
To create user accounts
To create, delete, and modify attributes of the user accounts
Search ACEs
ADManager Plus provides you the ability to search the permissions granted to security principals, such as users, groups, and computers. It offers you the flexibility to include the active directory object, security principal, and the permissions in the search criteria.

Active Directory Help Desk Delegation
As organizations grow, networks, additional resources, system maintenance, and administrative tasks also grow at same pace. It becomes difficult for a single department to manage complete Active directory in a timely and effective manner, thus making 'Delegation of Active Directory tasks' crucial.
Fortunately, ADManager Plus provides the much-needed ability to delegate routine management and support tasks throughout the enterprise with its powerful 'Help Desk delegation' feature. It allows administrator to delegate tasks to non administrative users like help desk technicians with appropriate authentication and authorization controls that dramatically reduces the work load on Administrator and saves time and cost.
Help Desk Delegation Process
In a real time environment an administrator spends unproductive time attending tickets like reset passwords, unlock users, rename users, move computers/users, modify general properties etc., these issues can now be handled by non-administrative users with out involving administrator.
Active Directory Reports
Generate and view reports of Active Directory infrastructure resources.

Active Directory User Reports
Active Directory Computer Reports
Active Directory Group Reports
Active Directory Security Reports
Active Directory Exchange Reports
Active Directory Policy Reports
Active Directory User Management
Create and modify bulk user accounts in Windows Active Directory

Bulk User Creation
Bulk User Modification
Search AD Objects
Active Directory Delegation
Create and delegate security roles to users, groups, and computers of the Windows domain.

Out-of-the-box Delegations
Search ACEs
Business Benefits
Enhances Productivity, Reduces TCO - Reduces time and effort in managing the Active Directory thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.
Favors standard compliant auditing - Provides comprehensive reports and has an extensive search capability.
Increases responsiveness to ever changing environment - Assists in easy customization of your directory properties with your business needs.
Access from Anywhere - The Web-based solution can be accessed from anywhere in the network.


Active Directory Management

Active Directory Management
Make your everyday Active Directory management tasks easy and light with ADManager Plus's AD Management features. Create, modify and delete users in a few clicks!

Active Directory Reports

Active Directory Reports
A catalog of almost every report that you will need from your Active Directory! Comprehensive and Reliable reporting. Schedule reports to run periodically. Manage your AD right from within the reports.

Active Directory Delegation

Active Directory Delegation
Unload some of your workload without losing your hold. Secure & non-invasive helpdesk delegation and management from ADManager Plus! Delegate powers for technician on specific tasks in specific OUs.

Active Directory Workflow

Active Directory Workflow
A mini Active Directory ticket-management and compliance toolkit right within ADManager Plus! Define a rigid yet flexible constitution for every task in your AD. Tighten the reins of your AD Security.

Active Directory Cleanup

Active Directory Cleanup
Get rid of the inactive, obsolete and unwanted objects in your Active Directory to make it more secure and efficient...assisted by ADManager Plus's AD Cleanup capabilities.