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Gain optimum PC performance on every system in the corporation.


Diskeeper® performance software is designed to proactively recover and maintain 100% of the critically needed performance of PCs and servers, keeping your systems and infrastructure running like new and ensuring your applications run at peak performance. Diskeeper eliminates file fragmentation from occurring so you get maximum performance out of every application and system, whether you are a large enterprise, small business, government agency or a home user.


 Key Benefits of Diskeeper:

  • Keep Your Servers, Storage & Applications Running Like New
  • Make Sure Microsoft Applications Work at Top Speed
  • Increase PC, Workstation and Server Performance
  • Help Reclaim Free Space for Improved Storage Utilization
  • Easy to Buy, Install and Use Minimizing Impact on IT Staff
  • Centrally Manage Using Administrator
  • Microsoft Certified for the Latest Windows Environment

Business & Government Products


Diskeeper proactively keeps systems free of file fragmentation allowing them to run like new and ensuring peak application performance. Significantly increase the speed and reliability of the most mission critical laptops, workstations and servers helping you do more in less time while saving you money.

Home Use Products

 The Number One Automatic Defragmenter®, just got better. Diskeeper proactively prevents fragmentation that would otherwise cause PC slows – so your PC stays fast, 24/7. Diskeeper speeds up your PC by cleaning up the performance-robbing fragmented files that are slowing down your PC.



Run Diskeeper on all of your servers, desktops and laptops to maximize your IT budget and get the absolute most performance, reliability and longevity out of every system on your network.



  • Computer Speed – by speeding up file access, application launches, email and internet browsing.
  • User Productivity – by eliminating fragmentation-related performance issues that cause PC slows.
  • Hard Drive Lifespan – by reducing unnecessary I/O activity and hard drive failures.
  • Hard Drive Free Space – by consolidating about 90% of free space into less than a dozen chunks.
  • Storage Performance – by maximizing the performance of your PC hard drive (slowest part of your PC).



  • Hardware Replacements – by increasing your hardware life & reducing your storage requirements.
  • Overtime – by decreasing the need for off-production, after-hour defrag and system maintenance.
  • Lost Production – by allowing users to work faster and experience less server slows, lags or downtime.
  • Electricity – by reducing the energy consumption and cool requirements for your servers.

NEW Diskeeper® data performance software makes systems faster and more efficient

by preventing fragmentation before it happens!

IntelliWrite® fragmentation prevention technology.

IntelliWrite fragmentation prevention technology

Boosting system performance to a level that speeds up a corporation is not possible without also increasing operating efficiency. At the deepest level of system activity, how data is written and retrieved is the most basic level of I/O utilization. Done incorrectly it can be the most significant factor in I/O waste. Files are written in fragments to the disk and the amount of fragments accumulates fast causing read/write speeds to decline quickly. IntelliWrite writes files contiguously to the disk and intelligently manages free space, preventing most fragmentation before it can happen. Combined with InvisiTasking, there are zero resource conflicts.

IntelliWrite is the only technology that can prevent fragmentation on thin provisioned disks without requiring movement of any data and consequent increases in thin provisioned storage. IntelliWrite provides the benefit of a largely fragment-free OS file system without any negative consequences for thin provisioned storage, thus providing a peak performance level.

InvisiTasking® technology

InvisiTasking<sup>®</sup> technology

This exclusive technology can now use more idle resources faster for background optimization routines on even the busiest systems – with absolutely no intrusion on active system resources.

NEW! Instant Defrag™ engine.

For the first time ever, no newly fragmented files can slow performance because Instant Defrag immediately defrags those files before they can be read. Instant Defrag is a new intelligence that understands how your files are used and ensures they never have to be read in pieces. Combined with IntelliWrite, every system runs at peak performance 24/7 regardless of workload. No system has ever been able to do this before!

Efficient Mode.

In addition to an extensive defragmentation mode, Efficient Mode offers the greatest net gain in system I/O resource savings ever available. It is smart enough to know what fragmentation is a problem and immediately targets and eliminates only fragmentation that directly affects system performance.

Free Space Consolidation Engine

This advanced engine swiftly consolidates free space and tightly integrates with Instant Defrag to handle new fragmentation as soon as it is created.

I-FAAST® (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology)

I-FAAST improves file access and creation an average 10%-20% beyond the benefits gained with defragmentation alone, by optimizing placement of your most frequently accessed data.

Integration with Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)

Only Diskeeper supports configuration, alerts and reporting, via a Diskeeper Management Pack, with this Microsoft systems management platform.

IPv6 networks support

Only Diskeeper provides full product functionality and management support in native IPv6 networks.

Performance Map

Performance Map

Performance Map gives a quick “at-a-glance” indication of file access performance for each volume.

Enhanced Analysis Reports

Performance report

Performance  report




Diskeeper provides Enhanced Analysis Reports easily accessed in quick tabs that graphically display performance gains achieved with defragmentation. Diskeeper also evaluates the condition of your disk against documented factors known to affect reliability and stability. Different reports include: Fragmentation Analysis, Performance Analysis and Reliability Analysis and I/Os Eliminated.

Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Compatibility mode

Diskeeper works intimately with the automatic backup system already on your PC. VSS compatibility mode means Diskeeper does not hamper your ability to recover lost files and does not take up valuable free space with unnecessary file information.

64 bit programming

Native 64 bit operating systems support.


Boot time mode

Safely performs Microsoft® recommended defragmentation of critical system files.

Network Management Support

Control Diskeeper settings and functionality via Diskeeper Administrator edition or Group Policy.

Technical Specs & Resource Requirements

Operating Systems Supported

All Windows 8 Editions

All Windows 7 Editions

All Windows Vista Editions

All Windows XP SP3

Supports 32 and 64 bit Windows

Supports all logical drives, volume sets/ mirrored disks, RAID arrays, and mounted volumes.

Disk Subsystems Supported

Primary Partitions

Extended Partitions

Logical Drives

Volume Sets

RAID Arrays (hardware and software)

Mirrored Disks

Mounted Volumes (letter-less drives)

Hardware Support

Diskeeper Professional runs on Windows Server 2012, All Windows Server 2008 & (R2),Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows Small Business Server 2003 Windows XP Home, Windows XP Tablet PC, Windows XP Media Center, Windows XP Professional (x86/x64), Windows Vista/7 Home Basic (x86/x64), Windows Vista/7 Home Premium (x86/x64), Windows Vista/7 Ultimate (x86/x64), Windows Vista Business (x86/x64), Windows 7 Professional (x86/x64) and Windows Vista/7/8 Enterprise (x86/x64) platforms (including compatible CPUs from other manufacturers).
Resource Requirements

The disk space requirements for Diskeeper depend on several factors. The Diskeeper installation package is about 60 MB. After the installation is complete, Diskeeper occupies about 46 MB of disk space. If Internet Explorer is not present on your computer, some other needed files (hhupd.exe, 50comupd.exe, and wintdist.exe) may be added. Further, your system may require a new or updated version of the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), which is less than 6 MB.

Additional Software Requirements

Diskeeper requires .NET 4. If .Net 4 is not installed on your system, Diskeeper will attempt to download and install it for you. A reboot may be required due to the .Net installation.

A Note About Firewalls

As a normal part of its operation, the Diskeeper Service (DkService.exe) acts as a Windows service on your system. If you are running a hardware or software firewall, you may see messages indicating Diskeeper Service is trying to act as a Windows service. These messages are expected; you can safely allow these events. This functionality is designed to allow for support for network operations (e.g. Remote Control) via Diskeeper Administrator.

You may also be notified that Diskeeper is trying to access the Internet. It is important to note that Diskeeper does not access the Internet (except when you specifically use the Check for Updates feature or you opt in to send performance data for analysis), but it does use Windows mechanisms that may trigger these alerts from your firewall. Again, these messages are expected and you can safely allow the events. If networkability or automatic update checking is not required, you can safely disable this.