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Double-Take Move

Manufacturer : 
Vision Solutions

The last thing you want to do is spend your nights and weekends in the server room then face an angry mob provoked by migration downtime. Double-Take Move for Windows means simple, no-downtime physical and virtual migrations, no late nights or weekends, and no angry mobs.

Migrate physical or virtual workloads with real-time replication while users are
online and productive

  • Real-Time Data Movement
  • Migrate any combination of Physical or Virtual Servers (X2X)
  • P2V and V2V auto provisioning (Hyper-V and VMware ESX)
  • Entire server or just data migrations (SAN storage migrations)
  • Keep users online during migrations of physical or virtualized servers. Migrate during business hours!
  • Migrates the entire system - from simple file servers to custom application servers and domain controllers
  • Move operating systems, applications and data from one make, model and server configuration to another
  • Migrates virtual workloads to physical servers - hardware independent
  • Eliminates user and application downtime during migrations
  • Eliminates trial and error application migration and acceptance testing
  • Migrates workloads between existing platforms to new systems within minutes
  • Capture and replicate changes to the new server in real time over available bandwidth
  • Protects against intermittent outages with the most efficient real-time queuing technology in the industry
  • Includes long-term caching capabilities for extensive outages like circuit breaks
  • Uses very little CPU
  • Requires little manual reconfiguration or acceptance testing
  • Captures byte-level changes to a server’s OS, applications and data
  • Replicates changes to new physical or virtual hardware at any location, locally or globally
  • Manages the times around bandwidth use via an intelligent scheduling interface
  • Controls how much bandwidth migration operations can consume via Flexible Bandwidth Limiting and Intelligent Compression
  • Accommodates any WAN while providing high levels of compression; also compatible with WAN acceleration appliances to further improve network performance
  • Migrates physical or virtual servers that have a different number of drives, drive sizes, CPUs or memory than the original source
  • Reduces deployment efforts via Push-installs and license management
  • Migrates between any physical and virtual server environments running Windows. Also migrates to the cloud!
  • Virtualizes servers to VMware ESX or Microsoft Hyper-V platforms and automatically provisions new virtual machines as needed
  • Configures new virtual servers including CPUs, memory, storage and network settings
  • Replaces hardware dependencies to match the new virtual platform within the image, creates the virtual machine and starts the workload
  • Provisions new virtual machines automatically - there’s no manual configuration required
  • Migrates physical or virtual servers directly into VMware® or Microsoft® Hyper-V™ files, all in real-time
  • Migrates servers to the cloud, providing new environments for testing and an alternative data storage site for virtual machine configurations
  • Migrates current cloud, physical or virtual server to the cloud
  • Allows development and testing in the cloud, migrating the good image back to the local data center when done
  • Transitions workloads between storage that is incompatible for virtualization tools native workload migration features, geographic distances, or between disparate virtualization platforms such as migration from VMware® ESX to Microsoft® Hyper-V™
  • Migrates data, applications and system state, including the operating system, registry, event logs and SID of the production machine
  • Migrates the data, applications and system state for V2P migrations. Once migration is finished, the workload is gracefully transitioned by stopping the production virtual machine and completing the migration
  • Transitions workloads between different hardware vendors and completes migrations with only seconds of manual effort. Just point and click to select the existing server and the migration server
Double-Take Move

Double-Take Move eliminates user and application downtime during migrations – including running database applications that constantly lock their database files while they’re running. Double-Take Move provides true data replication functionality that precisely duplicates the application’s native write processes with real-time transaction awareness that never requires a quiesce, including replication of file system metadata like permissions, attributes, compression and encryption settings. These features allow you to keep your applications running while the migration proceeds without impact using the spare CPU cycles and I/O on the system. If an application needs those additional processing or data bandwidth resources then the operating system will pre-empt Double-Take Move and make those resources available to the running application, allowing Double-Take Move to continue working quietly in the background migrating data without impact to your running applications and users.