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Double-Take RecoverNow

Manufacturer : 
Vision Solutions

Double-Take® RecoverNow for Windows (formerly known as Double-Take Backup) protects entire servers continuously to disk, so you can rewind from an outage and fast forward through down time.

Double-Take RecoverNow is a single solution to bring your physical and virtual data protection together. It replicates efficiently at the byte level to reduce the impact of data protection on physical or virtual hosts, and is designed to replicate over limited bandwidth connections, enabling true disaster recovery capabilities.


Whatever the situation, RecoverNow has a recovery solution to fit. Single files can be restored from any point in time, down to the second, using continuous data protection (CDP). If the outage is more severe than just a deleted file, entire servers can easily be recovered to dissimilar hardware or automatically provisioned virtual machines.


The ability to recover physical servers virtually, and even convert back to physical when needed, unlocks the potential of your virtual environment to improve availability and lower recovery costs for your entire server infrastructure, including the physical servers.



Despite the strong continued adoption of virtualization in the datacenter, not every server is virtualized. Rather than manage two different data protection solutions, Double-Take RecoverNow can provide a single data protection solution for both physical and virtual servers that works efficiently and leverages virtualization to improve recovery.


  • Real-time replication at the byte-level spreads out the impact of data protection over time, rather than during backup windows
  • No need to recover an entire VM to recover data within it.
  • Full-server replication stores a protected VM in an accessible format for easy validation and recovery of data within the VM.
  • Recover physical servers to automatically provisioned new VMs
  • Supports both VMware Vsphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments
  • New virtual disks are created partition-aligned for optimum I/O performance
  • Adjust memory, number of CPUs, and virtual disk sizes as needed, or let the system build a VM to match the production server.
  • You’re never stuck once virtualized. Recover back to physical hardware just as easily, even if the hardware is dissimilar.


Efficient Protection



The amount of data to protect keeps growing, but the window to protect it in keeps shrinking. As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, the amount of downtime and lost data companies are willing to lose no longer aligns to traditional data backup solutions. Free yourself from nightly backup windows by embracing real-time disk-to-disk replication.


  • Replacing backup windows with continuous replication means no protection gaps, no scheduling requirements, and no backup-related server slowdowns.
  • Protect as little or as much data as you want.
  • Protect an entire Windows server in real-time, including the operating system and installed applications.
  • Byte-level replication sends smaller blocks of data than block-level replication or snapshot solutions. Only the bytes that have changed are transmitted.
  • Transmission compression and bandwidth scheduling features ensure ideal performance over limited bandwidth IP networks, for remote office data protection or disaster recovery solutions
  • File-level deduplication on the repository server reduces the amount of disk required to protect data


Powerful Recovery


Great data protection is useless if the data can’t be successfully recovered in the needed time frame. Double-Take RecoverNow offers powerful recovery capabilities that can recover the best data and recover it to the best location.


Any-to-any recoverability that supports physical to physical, physical to virtual, virtual to virtual, and virtual to physical scenarios. Whatever your recovery assets are, maximize them.


  • Recover entire servers to dissimilar hardware, requiring only a basic Windows install.
  • Recover to any point in time, down to the second, using continuous data protection.
  • With optional Exchange Recovery agents for your Microsoft Exchange servers, recover emails, mailboxes and Exchange databases using an easy drag-and-drop interface.
  • Recover data from virtual machines without the need to recover the entire VM.
  • Initiate and manage all recoveries from a single management interface with the ability to sort and filter jobs by status.