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Interseptor Pro

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interSeptor Pro - Monitoring System for Data Centres, Server Rooms and Racks

interSeptor Pro is an advanced ethernet Data Centre and Rack Monitoring System that monitors room and rack environmental conditions and provides early warning alerts in the event of air-conditioning failure and other conditions that may threaten business continuity.

In addition, interSeptor Pro can also be used to extensively record temperature/humidity data for graphing and analysis helping you not only to ensure your IT equipment is running under optimal conditions but also to quickly identify where air-conditioning systems could be run more efficiently to maximise energy savings.

interSeptor Pro24 frontview
Detectors available to monitor for temperature, humidity, smoke, water leaks, intrusion detection etc.

Remote Monitoring System

Designed for ease-of-installation and use, interSeptor Pro is available in 3 models:

  • 8-Port with 8 x Temperature & Humidity Sensors
  • 16-Port with 16 x Temperature & Humidity Sensors
  • 24-Port with 24 x Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Combined with early-warning alerts via Email, SNMP, SMS and/or our unique automated Voice telephone messaging facility (Alert Centre), interSeptor Pro will help ensure that IT rooms and racks are operating at optimal conditions and that remedial action can be taken quickly in the event of a rack temperature problem or any other alarm condition.

The unique design of the interSeptor Pro means that 2 additional Go-Probe alarm sensors (water leak, security, smoke, power, etc.) can be connected to each temperature/humidity probe. This means the 24-port device, for instance, has the capacity to support an incredible 48 additional alarm sensors, giving complete long-term flexibility in terms of sensor deployment.

interSeptor with rack mount kit

Feature Overview

  • Supports up to 24 x Temperature/Humidity Sensors 
  • Supports up to 48 x Go-Probe Alarm Sensors
  • Optional GSM modem for SMS alerts
  • Email, SNMP alerts
  • Automated telephone voice alerts also available
  • Web browser interface for remote monitoring
  • Monitoring also possible using an SNMP-based Network Management System & Telnet
  • Up to 6 Relay Outputs for automated, on-site, crisis management
  • On-board logging (network independent)
  • On-board graphing facility
  • User-configurable alarm thresholds
  • Range of optional sensors available
  • Cat5 cabling to Temperature/Humidity probes for maximum user flexibility


interSeptor Pro optional sensors are available as follows:


High and low warning and critical temperature and humidity thresholds can be configured in the interSeptor Pro to ensure alarms are raised when room or rack conditions are abnormal. The hysteresis configuration facility ensures that alarms are not continually triggered when levels are ‘floating’ around the configured thresholds.

temperature monitor

Water Leak

The interSeptor Pro water leak sensor is supplied with 3m or 18m of leak detection cable. The cable can be run under air conditioning units, in ceiling voids, under raised floors, under pipes, and around room perimeters to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-install, leak detection facility.

water leak monitor


The unique sensor connectivity design of the interSeptor Pro facilitates installation and monitoring of the smoke detector, especially on ceilings. The cable connection need only be run from the temperature/humidity sensor which will typically already be installed at an elevated level.

smoke detector


The security sensor option is a magnetic reed contact sensor, ideal for monitoring rack or room door access.

security monitor


The power sensor will detect the presence or otherwise of utility power.

power monitor


The Universal sensor is an interface cable that can be connected to any device offering an open or closed or high/low output. interSeptor Pro can monitor this output for changes in state and alarm accordingly. The Universal sensor can be connected to equipment such as generators, air conditioning units, printers, UPS, security systems, fire alarm systems, etc.

universal monitor

More information



interSeptor Pro can be monitored and managed ‘out-of-the-box’ via its comprehensive browser interface.

Key features include:

  • Visual ‘comprehensive’ interface for quick identification of temperature/humidity or sensor alarms
  • Straightforward labelling of sensors to identify location and type of sensor
  • Quick configuration of alarm thresholds, Email recipients, trap receivers, system information
  • Viewing of extensive event and detail files, all of which can be exported in .csv format into excel, etc.


A java window can be launched via the interSeptor Pro browser interface to display real-time meters or graphs for each sensor being monitored, as well as for historial and extended historical data recorded by the interSeptor Pro.

Network Management

interSeptor Pro can be integrated into network management systems supporting SNMP, such as WhatsUp Gold and HP Openview.

jacarta environmental monitoring