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NetSupport DNA

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NetSupport DNA - Complete Asset Management... Anywhere

NetSupport DNA is a complete modular solution that delivers Hardware and Software inventory and Licence Management. It features detailed and fully customisable Alerting, Application and Internet Metering / Usage Control and both push and pull Software Distribution over a LAN or WAN. NetSupport DNA now also provides an integrated communication gateway allowing secure interaction with your assets, anywhere, over the internet without the need for a VPN or changes to your existing network or firewall configuration.

With a new Energy Monitoring component helping to highlight areas of potential energy wastage across an organisation’s computers, full AD integration, optional ITIL-based ServiceDesk and market leading Remote Control, there has never been a better time to see how NetSupport DNA can save you money and time.

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IT assets account for the largest proportion of the overall IT spend, therefore, ensuring they are properly managed and maintained becomes one of the highest priority corporate goals for any organisation where TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is high on the agenda.

Without a comprehensive management program in place, IT assets can cost far more than necessary through waste and redundancy (direct costs) and overly complex management and maintenance (indirect costs). By implementing an effective IT asset management program, companies can view every asset in their enterprise, allowing them to control and manage IT assets, eliminate waste and redundancy, and comply with ever-tightening government compliance regulations.

The annual cost of supporting this IT infrastructure can often result in costs spiraling out of control, where the initial purchase price of IT assets pales into insignificance. Understanding leasing arrangements and undertaking proactive asset management ensures compliance with software license agreements and makes budget forecasting more accurate. Knowing how many of your users are using a specific application at any given time will allow for both effective trimming of software budgets and a realistic prediction of future software investment.


Information is key. Without this, decisions on upgrades and the roll-out of new technology will not be taken from an entirely informed position. From a cost-saving standpoint, knowing the inventory of IT assets is critical when deciding whether to purchase more assets, redistribute current assets, or retire them completely - along with their costly maintenance contracts and renewal fees.

Recognising that organisations have differing requirements, NetSupport DNA is available in a modular format, allowing you to pick and choose only those features that best meet the current needs of your organisation.


With NetSupport DNA You Get The Full Picture

What sets NetSupport DNA apart is its ability to report on your assets no matter where they are, going beyond just a local or wide area network. NetSupport’s Internet Gateway technology provides a stable and secure method for tracking assets that may ordinarily be ‘hidden’ on a remote network or behind firewalls.

NetSupport DNA integrates with Active Directory enabling you to configure the PC’s and Users within the DNA Console to mirror their relative position within the Active Directory Container structure. Changes made within the AD structure are automatically reflected within DNA. User Information can also be retrieved from Active Directory.


IT Asset Management (ITAM)


The IT Asset Management function is the primary point of accountability for the life-cycle management of information technology assets throughout the organization. Included in this responsibility are development and maintenance of policies, standards, processes, systems and measurements that enable the organization to manage the IT Asset Portfolio with respect to risk, cost, control, compliance and business performance objectives as established by the business.

IT Asset Management is an integrated approach that works with all departments that are involved in the procurement, deployment, management and reporting of IT assets.

ITAM business practices and NetSupport DNA have a common set of goals:

  • Uncover savings through process improvement and support for strategic decision making.
  • Gain control of all inventory across the enterprise.
  • Increase accountability to ensure compliance.
  • Enhance the performance of assets and their life cycle management.
  • Risk reduction through standardization, proper documentation and loss detection.

NetSupport DNA Mobile Console

Manage your IT assets on the move with the NetSupport DNA Mobile Console

Improve productivity, reduce visit times and minimise disruption to your customers with the NetSupport DNA Mobile Console - delivering real-time asset information direct to mobile devices, ensuring your IT team and field engineers have the data they need to make informed ‘on-site’ decisions.

Compatible with Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the Mobile Console connects with your central DNA Inventory giving you access to accurate, up-to-the-minute asset data wherever you are.

Instantly find the required machine from the displayed list, by machine name or asset tag, and call up a current Hardware Inventory, view historical Hardware and Software changes and identify real-time system and PC alerts.

The NetSupport DNA Mobile Console App can be downloaded for free from the Android Marketplace or the Apple iTunes App store and is for use in conjunction with the NetSupport DNA Asset Management suite.


IT Asset Management and Hardware Inventory

If decisions on upgrades and the roll out of new technology are to be taken from an informed position, then information is key. With this in mind, NetSupport DNA provides one of the most comprehensive and detailed Hardware Inventory modules available on the market today.

A wealth of information for specific PCs is provided ranging from CPU and BIOS types to memory, memory slots used and those available for future expansion. Information is presented either for a specific PC or for departments summarised by category, such as by Operating System, CPU, Video Card or Memory.


Software Asset Management and Inventory

NetSupport DNA helps organisations manage license compliance and reduce software overspend by accurately reporting installed software and proactively identifying PC’s with software that has no or low usage.

Featuring a detailed summary of all installed programs and applications detected on each PC, NetSupport DNA displays this information for either a selected PC, a department or custom group. Full support for recording, tracking and the management of software licences and maintenance contracts is included.

Recognising that often there are many different versions of a common application in use, DNA provides the ability to create customised Application Groups, where all such versions are grouped together for more effective reporting.



Effective Asset Management not only relates to knowing what assets are currently located on the network but also to being able to identify historical changes.

The History option enables you to track all changes to a PC Hardware and Software.


Energy Monitor

NetSupport DNA now features as standard a new "energy monitor" component that provides a simple and concise high level summary of potential energy wastage across an organisation by computer systems that are left powered on out of business hours.


Application Metering

Knowing how frequently a specific application is being used, will allow for both effective control of software budgets and a realistic prediction of future software renewals and investments.

NetSupport DNA offers an Application Metering component which reports all applications used on each Windows PC, detailing the time the application was both started and finished and the actual time it was active and in use. Additionally, when the data is viewed at "department" level, summaries by frequency of use or by duration are shown.


Internet Metering

Similar to Application Metering, NetSupport DNA provides a detailed summary of Internet (or Intranet) activity on each Windows PC, allowing for effective monitoring of Internet activity across the enterprise.


Distribution:Software Distribution over Local and Wide Area networks

NetSupport DNA provides a multi-delivery option for Software Distribution.

DNA can process the software it distributes to target machines in two ways: firstly, an operator can apply parameters to a collection of files or folders which can then be actioned on delivery; or secondly they can script and record the user prompts that will appear during an installation, which bypasses the need for operator intervention.