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OpManager is a complete, end-to-end network monitoring software that offers advanced fault and performance management functionality across critical IT resources such as routers, WAN links, switches, firewalls, VoIP call paths, physical servers, virtual servers, domain controllers & other IT infrastructure devices.

Further, the network monitoring software combines an easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly deploy the product for production and also apply your organization's monitoring policies across multiple devices quickly.

Network Performance Monitoring


  • Monitor availability and performance, analyze traffic usage and manage configurations for routers, switches, firewalls, WAN accelerators, wireless access points.
  • Get granular information for your Cisco networks; Leverage Cisco's NetFlow, NBAR, CBQoS for Traffic Analysis, Cisco IP SLA for WAN monitoring and VoIP monitoring, CDP for L2⁄ L3 network mapping, in addition to the regular SNMP based performance monitoring, Syslog and SNMP Trap processing.


Server Performance Monitoring


  • Monitor server performance across multiple OSes; Supports monitoring Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP UX, IBM AIX servers (leverages SNMP, WMI & CLI for monitoring).
  • Monitor server virtualization; Supports VMware and Hyper-V: Monitors over 100 deep performance metrics by leveraging VMware’s API and WMI.
  • Monitor essential Microsoft services or applications viz. Exchange monitoring, Active Directory monitoring, MS SQL monitoring.
  • Monitor Servers for CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization, Services, Windows Services, Processes, Custom scripts, URLs (HTTP⁄ HTTPs), Files⁄ Folders at no extra cost.
  • Monitor other infrastructure devices like Load Balancers, Temperature Sensors, IP Cameras, Printers & more. supports custom SNMP & WMI monitors.

Be the first to know before it affects your end user


  • Spot network hiccups proactively. Get alerted through email, text message to your mobile phone, customizable dashboard view, custom maps & groups, web alerts, Smartphone GUI, alert escalation & more.
  • Process network events viz., Windows event log monitoring, syslog monitoring & SNMP trap monitoring.
  • Avert false positives using advanced fault management functionality viz., device dependency configuration, downtime scheduler and alarm suppression.


Troubleshoot and resolve network issues instantly


  • Dive deep into network troubleshooting with wide collection of useful
  • network monitoring tools

  • ; Real Time Graph, Switch Port Mapper, Remote Connection to servers & SNMP MIB browser.
  • Orchestrate routine IT management tasks and first level fault troubleshooting with IT workflow automation.
  • Automate fault remediation; trigger self–healing scripts or patches. Integrate with your helpdesk for automatic trouble ticketing.


Live Network maps


  • A live graphical representation of your complete network diagram that helps you quickly spot network performance bottlenecks.


Powerful network reports


  • Get insights on network performance, usage trends and capacity with over 100 out-of-the-box reports.
  • Share reports with your peers periodically using schedule Email reports; supports XLS, PDF and HTML formats.
  • Get insights on which devices contributed to the SLA breach using the manager’s dashboard or Service Level Management (SLM) reports.


Enterprise ready network management


  • Scale over 50,000 Interfaces or 5000 devices using a single enterprise network monitoring console.
  • Designed to adapt distributed network monitoring with robust probe- central architecture.
  • Ensure high availability using hot-standby or Failover engine.
  • Scale to your growing enterprise network monitoring needs. Switch an existing standalone version to enterprise edition remote monitoring probe.


Extend the power of OpManager


  • Customize OpManager to suit to your network monitoring needs; Choose the ones you need from our wide collection of OpManager add-ons and plug-ins.
  • Make OpManager as your IT management hub; Integrate seamlessly with other ManageEngine products or with third party network management tools with REST API.


Deploy to production in minutes


  • Deploy OpManager in less than an hour with automatic network discovery and classification using wide collection of monitoring templates for devices and interfaces.
  • Manage your network easily with industry standard monitoring and management protocols.
  • Quickly apply your company's monitoring policies across multiple devices using quick configuration wizards, templates and views.
  • Zero consultation required to get it up and running.
Network Performance Monitoring
Get the visibility you need to manage your network
Server Performance Monitoring
Monitor servers across multiple vendor OS
  • Availability and uptime monitoring
  • Traffic and Utilization monitoring
  • Cisco monitoring
  • Network Device Health monitoring
    (Router, Switch, Firewall, wireless access points)
  • Network mapping
  • Network traffic maps
  • WAN RTT monitoring
  • Network Traffic Analysis (NetFlow, sFlow)
  • VoIP monitoring
  • Network Configuration Management
Network Fault Management
Be the first one to get alerted, assess and act on
  • Email Alert
  • SMS Alert
  • IT Workflow Automation
  • Network Monitoring Tools
    (Real Time Graph, Switch Port Mapper, Connect from anywhere, SNMP MIB browser)
  • Windows Event Log monitoring
  • Syslog monitoring & SNMP Trap processing
  • Threshold based alerting
  • Trigger self–healing scripts or patches
  • Integration with helpdesk
  • Advanced Alert Management
    (Configure Device Dependency, Downtime scheduler, Alarm Suppression/ Escalation, Web Alerts)
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Service Level Management Dashboards
    (Manager’s Dashboard)
  • Network Performance Reporting
    (Top N reports, Business snapshot based reports, Scheduled emailing of periodic reports)
  • Server monitoring (Windows/ Linux/ Unix)
  • VMware Monitoring
  • Hyper-V Monitoring
  • System Health Monitoring
    (CPU, Memory, Disk, Hardware Health)
  • Custom WMI/ SNMP monitoring
  • Active Directory monitoring
  • SQL Server Monitoring
  • Exchange Server Monitoring
  • Service monitoring
  • Windows service monitoring
  • Process monitoring
  • Script monitoring
  • Website monitoring
  • File/ Folder monitoring
Enterprise Network Management
Scale over 50K Interfaces & ensure high availability
  • Enterprise Network Monitoring
  • Scalability in Enterprise Monitoring
  • Remote Network Monitoring
  • Failover Support
Get started easily with installation and setup tools
  • Automatic Network Discovery
  • Monitoring Templates (Devices/ Interfaces)
  • Bulk Configuration tools and views
And lots more...
Get a hold on your IT
  • LAN/ Infrastructure Devices Monitoring
    (Printer, UPS, Sensors, any custom devices)
  • Add-ons, Plug-ins, & Integration with ManageEngine products