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New Boundary

Do you know the present state of your PCs? Are they currently compliant and secure? Are you sure?

Confidently answer yes! Policy Commander® gives you the peace of mind, knowing that your PCs remain in their desired state. Policy Commander proactively and automatically enforces corporate PC standards while eliminating future configuration drift - resulting in reduced vulnerabilities, protection of private information, compliance with regulatory mandates and optimal PC performance.

Experience Control in consistently meeting your regulatory mandates.  Policy Commander locks down a PC and restricts its access to private information, a necessary requirement of information protection regulations. With Policy Commander's granularity, policies are only applied when needed - minimizing organizational impact.  Policy Commander's compliance solutions include an extensive library of security policies with corresponding guides to simplify adherence with specific regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Solutions

PCI Compliance Solution: Secures private cardholder information.

GLBA Compliance Solution: Protects customers' private financial information.

HIPAA Compliance Solution: Guards patients' private healthcare information.


Policy Commander helps you secure your enterprise by automating the implementation and enforcement of policies on Windows computers. Policies can target specific PC configurations based on applicability rules or templates.  The patented technology continuously monitors the state of computers on the network — delivering detailed, real-time insight into policy compliance. Policy Commander automatically remediates non-compliant computers without administrator intervention — ensuring continuous policy enforcement. Policy Commander significantly reduces the time and resources needed to create, test, and implement any security policy for any Windows-based system.

With Policy Commander, compliance information can be summarized in a Console, or presented in detail for system administrators. Policy Commander automatically alerts users via email when a computer is out of compliance, and can automatically enforce policies on non-compliant systems.

Policy Commander provides administrators the granularity to define the role and security level of a computer. Policy Commander then automatically applies the appropriate security policies for each computer's role and security level. Policy Commander maintains security policies in a central location and provides an intuitive Console for centralized administration. With its Policy Editor, you can also add your own policies or customize existing ones — accommodating your unique network infrastructure and organizational security needs.

Policy Commander Components

Console: The Console is your command center for managing compliance. It is the user-interface for policy assignment and gives you a dashboard view into your current compliance posture.

Policy Editor: The Policy Editor is your interface for developing or customizing policies.

Database: The Database serves as the repository for storing information, such as Client status, computer compliance and policy details.

Client: The Client is the software engine running on the managed computer that enforces policies, reports current status information and intelligently alters group membership.

Channel Server: The Channel Server manages the communication between the Console, Database, and managed computers.

Knowledge Base: The Knowledge Base provides you with a library of security policies and templates written by New Boundary Technologies.

Whether it’s locking down a USB port, disabling function keys, securing a file, or controlling PC performance settings, Policy Commander® is the answer. Policy Commander automatically monitors and remediates enterprise PCs to your desired state.  By enforcing simple, granular policies at the local level, Policy Commander secures all fixed and mobile PCs, even when off-line.

Key Features and Benefits of Policy Commander

Automated Remediation: Guarantees polices are continuously enforced without administrator intervention, time-consuming scans, extensive database management or valuable bandwidth utilization.

Constant Assessment: Maintains ongoing compliance by automatically applying appropriate policies to dynamically grouped computers based on their matching specific system attributes.

Comprehensive Reporting: Provides critical insight into your managed environment — giving you complete visibility of current posture and a history of past events.

Policy Commander 3.0 System Requirements and Supported Platforms


 Console 1Policy Editor, Package Builder 2Policy Commander Server3Client 2

Operating System

32&64 bit

Windows XP
Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows XP
Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows XP
Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 R2
Integration component.Net Framework
version 2.0
 .Net Framework
version 2.0


32&64 bit 

  MS SQL Server 2005

MS SQL Server 2005 Express

MS SQL Server 2008

MS SQL Server 2008 Express

MDAC 2.6 or higher
(2.8 recommended)
Processor  Pentium or higherPentium or higherIntel Core Duo or higherPentium or higher
RAM1 GB   512 MB (32 bit)

1 GB (64 bit)
1 GB (if you use Deploy only)

2 GB (if you use Deploy & Asset Manager)
512  MB
Disk space for installed components60 MB40 MB65 MB


SQL 2005/2008 Express – 4 GB
5 MB

Microsoft Supplemental Installations

These components will be installable separately if needed. They are downloaded from the New Boundary web site.

 Installed disk space requirementsInstall file size
SQL Server 2005 Express 350 MB 37 MB
MDAC 2.840 MB5.5 MB
.NET Framework 2.0150 MB 24 MB

These third-party items will be included in the standard installations as noted for the individual components above.

1 devexpress and infragistics dlls are required to support reporting functions.

2 capicom.dll is required to support Package authentication.

3 Microsoft IIS 6 or IIS 7  must be installed on a Web server if you intend to use the NBTProxy Service to enable HTTP/HTTPS communication from the Policy Commander Console or client outside the network perimeter, to a Policy Commander Server inside the network perimeter. IIS installation and configuration is not part of the Policy Commander installation. Note: If you choose to install IIS 7, you must also install the IIS 6.0 management tools in order to install the NBTProxy Service. (Installing the IIS 6 management tools is a choice during installation of IIS 7.)