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Policy Patrol

Manufacturer : 
Red Earth

Policy Patrol for Exchange Server and Lotus Domino


An advanced email filter for enterprises of all sizes and helps regulate and optimize corporate email usage. Policy Patrol currently filters emails for more than 350,000 users worldwide.

Each Policy Patrol edition addresses the pain points of email use; spam, phishing, viruses, large attachments, inappropriate use, a need for content-driven automatic disclaimers and signatures, archiving requirements, content security, confidentiality concerns, reputation and brand protection, and preventing legal issues involving email.


Email Security for Exchange Server

Anti-Spam, Disclaimers & Email Security all-in-one


Policy Patrol Mail Security Bundle cost-effectively bundles Policy Patrol Disclaimers, Policy Patrol Spam Filter and Policy Patrol Mail Server Tools, offering all Policy Patrol features:


Immediate spam relief


Policy Patrol Spam Filter ships with a default configuration that will start blocking spam within seconds after installation and empowers users to manage their own spam. With the daily quarantine report, users will never miss a legitimate email again. Users can quickly skim through the list of newly quarantined messages from within Outlook and deliver emails or white list addresses. By making use of Email security rules, you can configure different spam management options according to the technical proficiency of the user.


Disclaimers, signatures & branding


Add the right language to the right emails-automatically; Policy Patrol Disclaimers offers advanced options including user-based and condition-based email disclaimers, signatures with logos and Active Directory merge fields and disclaimer and signature positioning within the email. Policy Patrol shows the disclaimer and signature in Outlook Sent Items without requiring any client software or allowing users to edit or remove the disclaimer or signature before sending.


Advanced Email Security & Management


Protect your organization by content checking emails and attachments before they are sent out; Policy Patrol Mail Server Tools can avoid legal liability resulting from email content, confidential data leakage, unsafe work environments, privacy breaches, and damage to reputation. In addition it allows you to keep a backup of all emails sent and received, and to automate otherwise manual email tasks such as printing emails, sending blind copies and changing the Reply to: or From: address. The optional anti-virus add-on can stop any viruses from entering your email system. Policy Patrol Mail Server Tools also includes email reports that allow you to gain insight into your company's email usage.


Tried and tested


Policy Patrol is at work in the smallest offices and in the largest corporations, filtering emails for more than one million users worldwide. Companies using Policy Patrol include Nissan,, Targus, Canadian Pacific Railway, Radisson Hotels, Fujitsu Services, and many more.

Anti spam for Exchange and Lotus Domino


Anti-spam for Exchange Server - Never miss a legitimate email


No anti-spam vendor claims 100% accurate spam filtering, which is precisely why Policy Patrol Spam Filter includes an email quarantine report that allows users to quickly scan through the list of newly quarantined spam messages in Outlook and deliver emails and white list addresses.


Instead of just placing all spam in the junk mail folder that users forget to check, the user is now reminded to scan a list of quarantined emails, which enables them to detect any incorrectly quarantined messages. With the Known Spam/Suspected Spam classification, the user does not waste time on known spam, but only scans over the suspected spam messages.



Immediate Spam Relief



Policy Patrol Spam Filter ships with a default anti-spam configuration that will start blocking spam within seconds after installation. You will easily configure your system at the Administrator level for immediate results.


Offload Administrators


Policy Patrol Spam Filter allows you to offload work from Administrators by leveraging users to manage their own spam reduction in a high benefit-to-cost manner. This adds spam eye-witness efficiencies to organization-wide efforts and allows Administrators to use the advanced options to optimize results.


Save bandwidth


Why download messages that are sure to be spam? Policy Patrol can reject messages from senders on DNS black lists and messages without valid recipients before they are downloaded. Most other anti-spam solutions first download the entire message and then delete it. With Policy Patrol Spam Filter you can save bandwidth and processing times by simply rejecting the messages before they are even downloaded.


Email disclaimers and signatures for Exchange and Lotus Domino


Add the right email disclaimer to the right message-automatically on Exchange Server


Need sophisticated email disclaimers and signatures for Exchange Server or Lotus Domino? Policy Patrol offers signatures with Active Directory merge fields, formatted and condition-based disclaimers, internal disclaimers, and more.


The legal benefits of an email disclaimer tool are clear. Just as important can be the brand image benefits. When each employee's email consistently uses email disclaimers and signatures in a professional and sophisticated manner, your company presents itself as a top-tier brand and organization. That image boost doesn't require the high-cost of employees making manual changes to signatures and disclaimers. With Policy Patrol Disclaimers, it can be set up once and done automatically.


Cost-Effective Flexible User Licensing


With Policy Patrol, you only purchase licenses for the users who will use disclaimers. You are not forced to purchase licenses for all your users. If you require more users at a llater stage, you can purchase additional user licenses.


Compress attachments at the server level


Policy Patrol Zip allows you to compress and decompress your users' email attachments at the server level; The user doesn't even need to know! This provides the advantages of compression without user hassles and the lost productivity zipping and unzipping files.


Powerful Customization to Your Business Needs


Policy Patrol Zip's powerful rules wizard allows you to create customized user-based rules with conditions, exceptions and actions. Each rule can be scheduled by date and time.


Email archiving without the high price tag


Policy Patrol Archiver for Exchange Server and Lotus Domino offers state-of-the-art email archiving at a surprisingly low cost.
Customizable Email Archiving Solution


Despite its low cost, Policy Patrol Archiver offers an easily and quickly configured solution, with robust archiving security, fast search and retrieval functions, and a full range of features and benefits.


System Requirements

Windows 2000 Professional or (Advanced) Server, Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003/2008.
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Exchange Server 2007, Exchange Server 2003, Exchange Server 2000 or Exchange Server 5.5 (or Windows Small Business Server 2003, 2008), Lotus Domino or other mail server.

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (if you do not have this installed the Policy Patrol installation will download this for you).