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PowerFox8 Environmental MonitoringPowerFox8 is a feature-rich 1U 10/100 power monitoring, environmental monitoring and power switching system. As well as enabling you to monitor and log the power usage of total and individual equipment loads of up to 15A,  the PowerFox8 will also monitor temperature, humidity and door security and provide email alerts when power or environmental alarms occur.


Benefits of using the PowerFox8 as part of your system continuity strategy include:

  • Reduce costly technician site visits by remotely rebooting equipment via the network or modem (if network unavailable)
  • Identify energy/cost saving potential by logging and analysing power usage of your IT equipment
  • Receive early-warning alerts to prevent equipment damage and data loss due to environmental threats (eg. Over-heating as a result of air-conditioning failure)
  • Monitor real-time power and environmental conditions directly from your web browser
  • Automatically remove power to connected equipment during critical alarm conditions to prevent hardware damage
  • Ensure access to critical racks can be strictly monitored
  • Receive alerts from one additional optional sensor (water leak, smoke, security, voltage, dry contact from fire panel/security alarm system/etc.)

PowerFox8 can be quickly installed and configured. Monitoring and control of the PowerFox8 can be carried out via a web browser, Telnet, SNMP network management system or via a modem.