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Prism Asset Manager

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New Boundary

Prism Asset Manager® provides you critical insight into your hardware and software assets and lets you Experience Control within your computing environment – facilitating better, more informed decisions.

Prism Asset Manager is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that collects and analyzes data of all installed software and hardware assets — providing you the insight needed to ensure full software license compliance, maximized asset utilization and optimized software purchases.


Key Features and Benefits of Prism Asset Manager


Centralized and Automated Asset Management:  Delivers a complete picture of assets under management – computers, software, hardware devices – in one easy-to-use Console.


Comprehensive Software Recognition: Provides the worlds’ largest software recognition database — ensuring full license compliance during audits.


Software License Usage: Identifies how often individuals use specific applications — allowing administrators to reclaim or reallocate licenses to reduce overspending on software licenses.


Network Discovery: Automatically discovers and categorizes all network-connected devices (computers, printers, routers, switches, etc.) across the network, regardless of whether the Prism client is installed.

Prism Asset Manager Features and Benefits




Rapid ROI and Low TCO:  Minimal training and infrastructure costs —quick time to value with no hidden costs.


Know What You Have: Quickly and easily find, manage, customize and report on networked hardware and installed software. No more spreadsheets!


Automatic Organization of Scanned AssetsEnables scanned data to be automatically organized in several ways— simplifying the time-consuming process of reviewing a large number of scanned items.




Secure Administration of Distributed Environments

Built-in features allow secure communication and control to and from any local or remote device with an internet connection.



Patented technology empowers true inventory-based configuration with automated remediation.


Comprehensive Reporting: 

Dynamic reporting engine creates standard or customized reports — allows more informed decision-making.




Asset Data Consolidation:

Manages and organizes non-scannable data in the same place and the same way as scanned assets – delivering a complete picture of assets under management


Customizable Hardware Inventory Configuration

Allows administrators to include additional WMI properties during hardware inventory scans — enabling them to fine-tune what data is collected and how it is categorized.


Hyperlinked User Defined Fields:

Attains even more consolidation of asset information – link an entitlement document to a software license, or link a manufacturer’s replacement parts URL to a laptop computer.