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Prism Deploy

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New Boundary

Prism Deploy® is a simple, granular software deployment platform that allows you to Experience Control of your computing infrastructures. Automate software deployments, updates, repairs, and removals to any and every Windows computer across a network – within minutes.

Prism Deploy flawlessly executes software deployments with minimal set-up, rapid installations of up to five times faster than native installs and automatic software configuration compliance across your enterprise. Prism Deploy is a simple, easy-to-use tool – spend less time training and more time completing your software deployment initiatives.


Key Features and Benefits of Prism Deploy


Automatic Deployment Groups:  Populates groups based on computer's configuration —  target deployment by configuration, practice groups, department, region, location, etc.


Conflict Checking: Checks and identifies conflicts prior to deployment — produces 100% reliable roll-outs.

Flexible Deployment: Provides multiple installation options — .MSI, .BAT, .VBS, .PWC, etc. — ensures rapid installs using elevated accounts on any desired schedule.

Prism Deploy Features and Benefits


Benefits of Control


Rapid ROI and Low TCO:

Minimal training and infrastructure costs – quick time to value with no hidden costs.

Rapid Roll-outs:

Roll-outs performed in minutes or hours – not days or weeks.

Quicker Installations:

Software installs up to five times faster than native installs - leverages innovative packaging and deployment technology.


Delivering Control


Secure Administration of Distributed Environment: Intuitive Windows-Style interface enables anytime access from any location with Internet access.



Patented configuration groups automatically target computers with the right software, updates, repairs or removals, and continuously monitor and heal computer environments in real-time.


Flexible Deployment:

Multiple installation options - .MSI, .BAT, .VBS, .PWC, etc. – provides rapid installs using elevated accounts on any desired schedule.


Robust Reporting:

Dynamic reporting engine creates standard or customized reports – allows more informed decision-making.


Even More Control


Secured Computer Groups:

Combines Prism Deploy’s automatic grouping functions with configurable permission sets to fine-tune which roles have the ability to modify sensitive or mission-critical groups of computers.


Distribution Locations:

Uses any location as the local repository to distribute software packages and configuration tasks – conserves bandwidth and eliminates travel to remote sites.


Conflict Checking:

Checks and identifies conflicts prior to deployment, produces 100% reliable roll-outs.


Task Scheduling:

Allows deployment — silent or verbose, attended or unattended, during working hours or overnight – any option you need is there.