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Prism Patch Manager

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New Boundary

Having trouble staying ahead of the thousands of software updates each year? Are your PCs at risk to known vulnerabilities and need the latest patch? Experience Control of your Windows operating system and application updates with Prism Patch Manager®.  Prism Patch Manager simplifies the patching process – automatically discovering new updates, acquiring tested patches, determining relevant computers and deploying patches.

Experience Control of the latest updates and simplify the chore of maintaining PCs with the myriad of patches released daily.  Prism Patch Manager’s intelligent patch wizard gives you the ability to quickly and easily install patches from one of the largest patch repositories, ensuring you are always in control.


Key Features and Benefits of Prism Patch Manager


Automatic Notification: Generates alerts of your patch deficiencies — including subscription and remediation failures, license expirations and more.

Intelligent Patch Wizard: Delivers quick and easy installation of patches from one of the world’s largest patch repositories — 15,000 tested OS and application patches.


Simplified Process: Streamlines entire software patch process — from initial detection of new patches to deployment and installation of tested patches.

Prism Patch Manager Features and Benefits

Prism Patch Manager’s simplicity, automation and granularity improves IT productivity:

Benefits of Control

Rapid ROI and Low TCO: 

Minimal training and infrastructure costs – no hidden costs.

Reduce Organizational Risk: 

Protection for valuable information and IT systems from today’s dynamic threat environment.

Complete Security: 

Business productivity maximized across your enterprise by maintaining network system secure.

Automated Patch Management:

Entire software patching process streamlined-from discovery, to acquiring and testing patches to deployment.

Delivering Control

Comprehensive Reporting: 

Grants critical insight into all aspects of the patching and remediation process – including agent-policy status, vulnerability deployment and more.

Prism Patch Manager Console: 

Provides detailed customized views and dashboards.

Intelligent Patch Wizard: 

Delivers quick and easy installation of patches from one of the world’s largest patch repositories - 15,000 tested OS and application patches.

Even More Control

Automatic Notifications: 

Generates alerts of your patch management issues – including subscription and remediation failures, license expirations and more.

Comprehensive Endpoint Assessment: 

Provides comprehensive patch status for managed endpoints, ensuring your organization is always secure.

Patented Vulnerability Assessment Technology: 

Delivers the most accurate and detailed threat detection – automatically scans network to detect potential security risks.