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PwrSmart Service

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New Boundary

Do you turn off your PC at the end of the workday? Not many do. Research found that as few as 36% of employees power down their PCs at the end of the day – resulting in billions of dollars wasted and as much as 20 million tons of excess carbon dioxide emitted annually.


PwrSmart Service gives you immediate energy savings by automatically powering down computers when not in use. Delivered through a web browser, PwrSmart Service requires no up-front infrastructure investment, software maintenance, support contract or lengthy subscription agreement. Flexible contract terms and free for the first 30 days, PwrSmart Service is simple to deploy and costs a fraction of the monthly energy savings it immediately generates.

PwrSmart Service is the quickest way to instantly reduce your energy costs. PwrSmart Service will save organizations up to $75 per PC annually. On average, an organization with 1,000 PCs will reduce their annual energy costs by $70,000. With PwrSmart Service, the savings start on day one. There is no up-front investment resulting in a lengthy ROI.

The first 30-days are on us! See your energy bill decrease during your 30-day free trial.

Saving energy shouldn’t be complicated. Delivered through a web browser, PwrSmart Service is simple, flexible and intuitive. It is easy to get started with no up-front investment or long-term commitment. Backed by a Savings Guarantee, PwrSmart Service is as a risk-free Windows and Mac PC power management solution that delivers instant savings and reduced carbon emissions.



Key Features and Benefits of PwrSmart Service


“Set-It-and-Forget-It” Enforcement: Ensures PCs never stray from the organization's power management standards.

Exclusive PwrGroup® Technology: Targets configurable and dynamic groups of computers with their unique power scheme. PwrGroups can be based on Active Directory® OU membership, geographic location, IP address, hardware configuration, operating system language, time zone and many other configurations.

Flexible Power Schemes: Provides pre-packaged or customizable power schemes that facilitate multiple daily power settings, maintenance activities, schedule events and software exclusions.

Remote Wake™: Enables end users and administrators to securely wake office PCs remotely over the internet, eliminating the need to keep PCs on 24x7 “just in case” someone needs after-hours access.


Risk-Free Start-Up

Instant Energy Savings:  Continuous energy savings starts immediately upon activation.

No Up-Front Investment:  Service is delivered through a web-browser – no hardware, software, database infrastructure or software support required.

Flexible Contract Terms:  Service is free from long-term commitments; plus provides pay-as-you-go billing.


Key Features

Web-Based Interactive Interface:  Provides real-time PC energy savings data; user dashboard is accessible from any web browser.

Energy Auditing System:  Enables quick energy savings calculations, ongoing optimization of energy usage and comprehensive reporting for energy rebate and sustainability programs.

Analysis Engine:  Presents data in visually appealing graphs and charts, with the ability to click and drill-down for additional settings and energy/cost savings details.

Automated Control:  Patented technology applies power management settings without manual intervention and enforces settings even if end-users try to disable or change them.

Service-Model Delivery:  Delivers real-time updates with the latest features and enhancements without the hassle of traditional software upgrades.


Simple and Powerful

Remote Wake™: Enables end-users and administrators to securely wake office PCs remotely over the internet, eliminating the need to keep PCs on 24x7 “just in case” someone needs after-hours access.

Security Roles:  Permit users to customize permissions and allow or deny access to specific functions.

Power Settings:  Control and enforce multiple power settings depending on the time of day - any computer, any setting, any time.

Multiple Action Settings:  Schedule complete PC shut downs, hibernations or wake-up events based on work schedules and maintenance. PC power management schemes can be configured to keep critical applications running.