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SafeXs Secure USB

Manufacturer : 
CTWO Products

-- the next generation Secure USB

The limitations of old standard storage USB drives are fully transcended by the Smart USB drive SafeXs.

Next-generation USB security

SafeXs™ is a secure USB flash drive from CTWO Products that utilizes the certified and proven technology and software fromSafeXs secure USB drive BlockMaster. This next-generation, smart USB drive combines 100% hardware encryption with the ability to connect to a remote management system. A USB drive has never been so secure while still taking advantage of the agility of portable storage.


A Small, Easy and Quick Way to Protect Your Portable Data

Increasing emphasis on employee mobility requires the use of convenient devices that provide a secure computing environment. Combining military-grade encryption with plug-and-play simplicity, SafeXs is the smallest, fastest and most secure USB drive in the world. Password-protected and capable of securing up to 128GB of data, SafeXs can help you eliminate risk and get your sensitive information locked, loaded and on the move in seconds.

Avoid losing public trust

Every year, 20 million unprotected USB drives go missing. If the data stored on those drives ends up in the wrong hands, you can lose public trust, put citizens at risk and suddenly find yourself in the middle of a PR scandal. Secure USB flash drives are an essential pillar of a comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) strategy. The security must be implemented in the hardware in order to combat the evolving threat landscape. With your data stored on the hardware-encrypted SafeXs, it is always protected from unauthorized access.

Designed for endurance

When storing high-value data, the tamper-proof SafeXs is perfect for your organization. The epoxy coating of the chip and flash protects it from physical intrusion from water, dirt and thieves. Add to this the many features and speed of the on-board, zero-footprint software, and you can rest assured that you never have to suffer from the often devastating consequences of data breach or a broken device.