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SMS Alarm General

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SMS Alarm General is a sophisticated yet simple,no fuss device that will alert you to temperature,security, water leak, fire, power and a whole variety of other problems before disaster ensues!

An early warning alert when a problem occurs can save you enormous time, hassle and money. 

Alerts for: Water leaks, High/Low Temperatures, Security breaches, Smoke/Fire, Power failure, Generator fail to start, Air conditioning failure, UPS on battery


Phone now for further information +353 (0)1 2304242 or email us at

The SMS Alarm General solution consists of a quad band modem, integrated configuration and alerting software module, and the capacity to connect up to 2 x Go Probe sensors and 1 x Temperature sensor. Once a user supplied SIM card is inserted and the sensors connected, configuration of alarm messages and contact telephone numbers can be carried out by sending text messages to the Alarm General. The Alarm General will reply to acknowledge each of the messages, confirming that the required instruction has been carried out. 

Once configured, SMS Alarm General will continually monitor the condition of the sensors and alert the configured mobile phone numbers when an alarm condition is detected. Up to 5 numbers can be alerted.

In addition to the alerts, Alarm General can send you a daily status text, and you can remotely check the status of your sensors at any time by sending a text message to the Alarm General. Monitors up to 2 x Go Probe sensors (or alarm panels) using normally open/closed, volt free contacts and 1 x Temperature Sensor



Key Features  

Monitors up to 2 x Go Probe sensors (or alarm panels) using normally open/closed, volt free contacts and 1 x Temperature Sensor 

Alerts up to 5 personnel when an alarm is detected 

Simple configuration via text 

User customisable alarm messages to show sensor location and type of alarm 

Optional Daily Alarm status notification 

Password/PIN protection to prevent access by unauthorised users 

Compatible with Jacarta range of Go Probe sensors, eg. Water leak, smoke, security. 

Battery Back Up option with power failure text alerts

Can monitor UPS, generators, air conditioning, fire alarm panels, etc. 

Input sensor ports can be reconfigured as 'Command’ ports to provide remote on/off switching via text

Weight (g):  105

Dimensions (mm): 89 (w) x 60(h) x 30 (d)

Power:  Included 12VDC Power Supply

Frequency Bands:  850/900/1800/1900 (Quad Band)

Operational Temperature:  -30°C to +75°C

Configuration:  Via SMS Text

Alerting:  SMS Text sent to up to 5 contacts

Optional Accessories:  Battery Back Up

Security:  Password protected

Warranty:  1 Year

 Compatible Sensors:


Water Leak Detector

Temperature Sensor (40 to +75°C)

Smoke Detector

Security Sensor

Universal/Dry Contact Sensor

Vibration Sensor

Airflow Sensor

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Natural Gas Sensor style

Simple configuration via text

NB   --  Requires a SIM card to be purchased separately