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Your Identity Management Strategy

Identity & Access Management is regarded increasingly as an integral part of the business operations, where previously managing IT users and information systems and access control was considered an IT process. A focused Identity Management strategy offers manifold organizational benefits, including:


  • A reduction in security risks
  • The ability to meet auditing and compliance requirements
  • Simplified user activities
  • A reduction in the costs associated with IT support


What is your Identity & Access Management project?

User Account Management

Tools4ever offers an intelligent solution for timely, accurate, uniform and above all simple user account management. This includes (Auto) Provisioning, Downstream Provisioning, Delegation and RBAC.


Password Management

Tools4ever offers a variety of solutions offering more efficient password management, including password complexity control, the ability to synchronize passwords and Single Sign-On (SSO).


Self-Service & Workflow Management

Tools4ever offers integral self-service capabilities for user account management. Since many requests have to undergo an approval cycle, Tools4ever supports workflow management.


Audit & Compliance

Tools4ever’s Identity Management solutions provide additional support for regulatory compliance including HIPAA, SOX, NEN7510 and HKZ.