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UltraBac Software has focused on delivering the fastest, easiest-to-use backup and disaster recovery software for over 28 years. Complete protection of your business systems -- guaranteeing your critical information is always available -- is Ultrabac's only business.


UltraBac backup software was developed from the ground up to take advantage of the latest operating systems, while expanding support for heterogeneous network environments and providing expanded support for a variety of clients. The latest release of UltraBac provides users with everything from barcode media pool support to differential image backup.


UBDR Gold continues to raise the bar in disaster recovery software. UBDR Gold is the first bare metal recovery utility that has integrated FTP into disaster recovery. FTP recovery enables customers to restore an image from a LAN, WAN, or the Internet. With the addition of FTP, perform an image or file based backup to literally every type of storage device.


UltraBac's reliable, proven software will save precious time and money when there is a need to recover data on an individual server or for an entire data center. UltraBac delivers modularity and scalability, with agents and options to provide a complete solution for businesses of all sizes.