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V-locity™ 3 virtual platform performance software delivers proactive, invisible high performance I/O optimization to virtual machines. Patented technology in V-locity logically assesses between virtual machines to intelligently synchronize resource allocation and make all performance optimization activity completely transparent. V-locity is designed to enormously improve the performance and efficiency of all VMware ESX/ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V™ platforms automatically.

 Key Benefits of V-locity:


  • Allows for Maximum I/O Performance on Virtual Servers
  • Optimizes Disk Performance for VMware and Hyper-V
  • Improves VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Efficiency
  • Faster VM and Host I/O Throughput
  • Optimizes VM Resource Usage for Shared Storage
  • Increases VM Density
  • Increases Platform Reliability
  • Reclaims Virtual Disk Space
  • Zero Resource Contention
  • Lowers Operating Costs

Business & Government Product

V-locity is an enterprise level solution designed to significantly increase virtual platform I/O performance. Before V-locity there was no effective solution for broad virtual platform performance optimization. V-locity bridges the gap between virtual guests and intelligently manages the resource demands between them, without sacrificing I/O bandwidth.