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Zetafax - fax server software for business

Zetafax is award winning fax server software that delivers secure, fast and cost effective document distribution.

Simple to install, easy to manage and highly reliable, Equisys has a proven track record in providing businesses with complete fax server solutions that generate real cost savings whilst streamlining their business processes. This is why Zetafax is the proven choice of fax server for over 60,000 customers worldwide.

The benefits of Zetafax:

Fax server software solutions hold a number of advantages over manual faxing:

  • Reduction in costs associated with document delivery.
  • Further reduction in costs through:
    • Automation of manual processes.
    • Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP).
    • Server virtualization.
  • Increased efficiency through integrated faxing from existing applications.
  • Quick retrieval of documents through automatic fax archiving.
  • Improved productivity through automation of costly manual processes.
  • Support for the latest technologies, including Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP) and virtualization.
  • Integrate fax to other applications quickly and easily via the Automation Toolkit.
  • Ensure paper documents sent via fax machines and multi-function devices are captured in the Zetafax archive with Fax Relay.

Business class support:

As a leading provider of fax software solutions for business, Equisys are committed to ongoing development of Zetafax to ensure that it is fully compatible with the latest Microsoft platforms, and supports the latest technology. Also providing first class customer support, Equisys are perfectly placed to assist you in all of your faxing requirements both today and in the future.

Zetafax integrates with a number of common applications and devices out-of-the-box, and has also been integrated with a range of industry specific applications. More information about the integration capabilities of Zetafax are listed below.


Integrate with Outlook and other email clients

Zetafax allows you to send and receive faxes using your email client software such as Microsoft Outlook, allowing faxes to be stored alongside your emails. The Outlook add-in lets you access coversheets, letterheads, delayed transmission, previewing and attachments, and also allows the business fax numbers for contacts to be used to address a fax in the same way that you would an email. Faxes can even be created when Outlook is offline for sending when a network connection is restored.


Integration with specialist applications

Zetafax has already been integrated with a number of specialist applications, including those listed below.

 Zetafax integration has currently been completed for the following specialist systems:

Mountain Software
Bottomline Technologies
De Facto Software
Gavel & Gown Software Inc.
Licom Systems
OpenAccounts plcPrintBOS
Systems Axis


Zetafax Automation Toolkit

The Zetafax Automation Toolkit allows developers to interact directly with the Zetafax Server without using the Zetafax Client. Basic functions of the Automation Toolkit are available in the standard Zetafax license, and more complex configurations can be completed by purchasing an additional add-on license for the Zetafax Automation Toolkit from your reseller or Equisys directly.



Zetafax enables you to consolidate your company's use of fax and reduce hardware costs. Fax machines can be replaced or existing fax servers can be virtualised as part of the overall virtualization project. If you have a number of fax machines or MFPs, you can create a single virtual fax server to enable hardware free faxing from users' email inboxes.


Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP)

The Zetafax FoIP Connector is a software-only solution which enables the Zetafax Server to communicate with a FoIP or T.38 compatible phone system via the local area network, removing the need to connect phone lines directly to the Zetafax Server computer. Most new PBXs will support FoIP via a standard Ethernet card and many traditional PBXs now have IP capability available as an upgrade option. Alternatively, a separate T.38 gateway unit can be connected on the network – these support analog or digital (ISDN) phone lines, and are available in a range of configurations.


Integrate with scanners & MFPs

Zetafax enables advanced fax sending from any office MFP and creates a secure document archive. It links multiple machines to consolidate faxing and reduce the number and cost of fax lines. With this centralized fax system, simple address books save on entering fax numbers, coversheets are created automatically and faxes are stored in a secure electronic archive for subsequent retrieval or audit.

Fax Directly from your Office Network

Utilising fax software direct from your office network not only eliminates the cost of stationery and fax consumables, but is 80% quicker than using a standard fax machine. The resulting time savings can save thousands per year.

What's more, with the optional Fax Relay add-on, you can also ensure that any paper documents sent from fax machines or multi-functional devices can be directed through the Zetafax Server. This ensures that all documents are securely capture and logged in the Zetafax archive for quick and easy retrieval, regardless of the method sent.


Fax over IP

With more and more companies extending their IP infrastructure to include voice, adoption of FoIP is growing rapidly. By bringing traditional phone applications into the data network, data and communication resources can be consolidated by using the internet and company networks for cost-effective voice and fax communications. Zetafax fax software's advanced capabilities allow you to integrate your fax server into your IP network - simplifying your communications infrastructure.


Integration with IP Phone Systems

Business class fax software such as Zetafax also provides integration with your IP phone system, saving the cost of installing separate phone lines for use by the fax server. Zetafax also supports a range of media gateways that will manage communication between the phone system and the IP network, and communication over the PSTN to enable compatibility with traditional fax machines.


Integrated faxing from existing applications

Zetafax fax software increases user efficiency by allowing documents to be sent directly from the everyday business software that they use. You can therefore send and receive faxes from email clients such as Outlook® or Lotus® Notes out-of-the-box, or integrate with ERP, CRM and other applications.


Fax Archive for quick retrieval

Zetafax automatically archives documentation in a central electronic archive, improving productivity and supporting audit processes through fast retrieval of documents.


Automate delivery by email and fax

Where fax is not essential, Zetafax fax server software eliminates other costly manual processes by automating the delivery of content via email. Content held on paper and in different electronic formats can be merged into `print quality` electronic documents and delivered automatically by email and fax. It cuts stationery costs and speeds up processes like sending sales quotations, invoices and statements.


Fax Broadcasting

The specialist Zetafax FaxBroadcast solution is an option for businesses that send regular fax mail shots and need a cost effective solution. It provides a specialist client for importing data from ODBC databases and an enhanced server for delivering faster fax throughput.


Send and receive SMS from the desktop

The Zetafax SMS Gateway allows you to send text messages directly from the desktop to customers' mobile handsets, either immediately or at a pre-defined future time.


Automatic faxing to Desktops

Using the Zetafax fax software, faxes can be routed automatically to individuals' desktops in TIFF or PDF format, using DDI, DID and DTMF. They can also be routed to departments, network printers or standalone fax machines. Optionally, all inbound faxes can be converted to PDF for easy viewing by users without fax viewing software.


Support for Server Virtualisation

Businesses using virtualized server environments can enable the Zetafax server in the same environment to provide protection against computer hardware failure. The Zetafax server can be moved onto another physical computer quickly and easily, avoiding the need for a separate failover server just for fax.

Zetafax supports VMware® servers using VMware ESX or ESXi, the vSphere suite, or Microsoft Hyper-V. The full server feature set is supported, so users are unable to distinguish between a server running under VMware and one running on a native operating system.


Route to Network Folder

Inbound faxes can be routed to a network folder based on the recipient's fax number, where faxes can be dropped as TIFF files, or automatically converted to PDFs. Network drop folders provide an easy method to integrate Zetafax with third party applications.


Integrate with specialised systems (e.g. CRM)

The Zetafax Automation Toolkit offers developers a rapid way of adding fax capability to in-house applications. Integrating Zetafax fax software with your CRM or accounting package, for example, could save your business significant time and money. The Zetafax Automation Toolkit can be used for integration by both non-programmers as well as Visual Basic and C++/COM programmers and is fully supported by our technical team to ensure the integration process goes smoothly.


Support for full range of hardware solutions

Zetafax fax software supports a wide range of hardware options ensuring there is a solution for every business, regardless of size and requirements. Options include analogue and digital intelligent fax boards from Cantata/Brooktrout and Dialogic/Eicon, most digital and analogue V.34 modems and fax over IP (FoIP) software.


UP to 200 lines on a Fax Server

Zetafax is highly scalable and can support up to 100 lines on a single server for network faxing or up to 200 lines for FaxBroadcast.