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Backup & Disaster Recovery


Many disaster recovery products use image or snapshot technology, but can they perform a bare metal restore in the event of an unrecoverable machine? UBDR Gold can, in as little as 15 minutes. To recover a dead server, a user need only insert the universal UBDR Gold Restore CD, boot the machine and start the wizard to initiate a restore of a snapshot (image backup) with just a few clicks of the mouse. No advance setup is required.

UltraBac Backup

UltraBac Software has designed its backup and disaster recovery software to take full advantage of being a native Windows application. This translates to being highly compact due to very efficient code that eliminates the bloat found in most other products. The thing that really sets UltraBac Software apart from the bigger brands is our dedication to backup and disaster recovery.


UltraBac backup software was developed from the ground up to take advantage of the latest operating systems, while expanding support for heterogeneous network environments and providing expanded support for a variety of clients. The latest release of UltraBac provides users with everything from barcode media pool support to differential image backup.

Double-Take for Virtual Servers

Fully and affordably realize benefits of virtualization by reducing downtime, expediting cost savings, streamlining scalability and improving deployment speeds.

Double-Take for Physical Servers

With solutions for Windows®, Linux®, AIX® and IBM® i, Vision leads the way in keeping systems and applications resilient and available. Whether you need an easier, more reliable disaster recovery solution, want to manage and share data seamlessly between platforms and databases, need a better way to maintain system efficiency, or you need a comprehensive high availability solution for assured 24/7 operations, Vision Solutions has what you’re looking for - including your physical environments, your virtual environments, as well as the cloud.

Double-Take RecoverNow for AIX

Real-time replication for protection and recovery of AIX applications and data
A ready spare is not just a luxury. When needed, it’s crucial.

Double-Take RecoverNow for AIX replicates data in real time allowing you to protect and rapidly recover data in the event of server failure, software corruption, accidental deletion, a security breach or other cause of data loss.

Double-Take RecoverNow

Double-Take® RecoverNow for Windows (formerly known as Double-Take Backup) protects entire servers continuously to disk, so you can rewind from an outage and fast forward through down time.