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Environmental Monitoring

SNMP Monitoring

Jacarta environmental monitoring products are SNMP v1 enabled thus allowing integration with the vast number of available SNMP based Network Management Software (NMS) packages. Temperature and Humidity values can be collected and SNMP Traps received by the NMS. NMS integration examples are as follows:


PowerFox8 is a feature-rich 1U 10/100 power monitoring, environmental monitoring and power switching system. As well as enabling you to monitor and log the power usage of total and individual equipment loads of up to 15A, the PowerFox8 will also monitor temperature, humidity and door security and provide email alerts when power or environmental alarms occur.


Is your organization wasting significant energy powering PCs when not in use? You are not alone. Studies show that up to 64% of computers are left on at full power at the end of the workday.

PwrSmart Service

Do you turn off your PC at the end of the workday? Not many do. Research found that as few as 36% of employees power down their PCs at the end of the day – resulting in billions of dollars wasted and as much as 20 million tons of excess carbon dioxide emitted annually.


Jacarta’s environmental products are designed to avert data centre disasters by monitoring in-room and in-rack conditions and providing automated alerts when problems are detected.

Interseptor Pro

interSeptor Pro is an advanced ethernet Data Centre and Rack Monitoring System that monitors room and rack environmental conditions and provides early warning alerts in the event of air-conditioning failure and other conditions that may threaten business continuity.


The Jacarta interSeptor is designed to protect data centres, server rooms and racks by preventing computer equipment damage and data loss due to over-heating, excess moisture, water ingress, fire, smoke, power failures, security breaches, and many other potentially catastrophic environmental threats.


Jacarta solutions can monitor your critical environment and rapidly alert you when an alarm incident occurs so that you can take remedial action quickly and effectively. We believe that the quality and reliability of these types of solution backed by rapid and first class alerting options are of paramount importance when such a crucial job needs to be done.