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Identity Management


Data security made easy — It takes just a few steps to significantly increase the security of your corporate data and to eliminate the dangers from uncontrolled use of USB and other ports. With DriveLock you can put an end to the use of unapproved devices.


Tools4ever’s Self Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) is a software solution that allows end-users to reset their password on the basis of a number of simple, predefined questions. The ‘Forgot My Password button’ is integrated into the standard Windows Logon screen and supports a number of platforms.


Tools4ever’s Enterprise SSO Manager (E-SSO-M) is an organization-wide Single Sign-On software solution enabling end-users to log in just once, after which access is granted automatically to all the authorized network applications and resources. E-SSO-M operates as an extra software layer intercepting all log-in processes and completing the details automatically.


UMRA - User Management Software for Delegation, Workflow and RBAC User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA) by Tools4ever is a technical and organizational solution for timely, accurate, uniform and, above all, simple user account management.


Identity & Access Management is regarded increasingly as an integral part of the business operations, where previously managing IT users and information systems and access control was considered an IT process. A focused Identity Management strategy offers manifold organizational benefits...