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Hardware Faults and RMA Instructions

Return to Factory Repairs

If your product, supplied by Servaplex, is faulty and is covered under a Warranty, or covered under a Services plan or agreement, that includes Hardware Repair, you may request to have it repaired.  The Return Material Authorization (RMA) request must be authorized with an RMA number issued by us.

Please contact support for all RMA requests. Follow this link for contact information.

Advance Replacement Requests (All Customers)

To request an advance replacement for product covered under a Servaplex agreement (Standard Per Unit plan, Premium Per Unit plan, or a Silver, Gold or Platinum Agreement) please contact our Technical Support Service Department. Our support representatives will assist with trouble shooting to determine if an advance replacement is required. For contact information follow this link:

Return Material Authorization Number is Required

Note: Do not send your product directly to Servaplex without a Servaplex RMA number. If your product is diagnosed or agreed as faulty by our Support Team, an RMA number will be issued. This number is necessary to authorize the return or replacement, and instructions will then be sent to you on where to return your product.