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Tools4ever’s Self Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) is a software solution that allows end-users to reset their password on the basis of a number of simple, predefined questions. The ‘Forgot My Password button’ is integrated into the standard Windows Logon screen and supports a number of platforms.


Tools4ever’s Enterprise SSO Manager (E-SSO-M) is an organization-wide Single Sign-On software solution enabling end-users to log in just once, after which access is granted automatically to all the authorized network applications and resources. E-SSO-M operates as an extra software layer intercepting all log-in processes and completing the details automatically.


UMRA - User Management Software for Delegation, Workflow and RBAC User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA) by Tools4ever is a technical and organizational solution for timely, accurate, uniform and, above all, simple user account management.


Identity & Access Management is regarded increasingly as an integral part of the business operations, where previously managing IT users and information systems and access control was considered an IT process. A focused Identity Management strategy offers manifold organizational benefits...