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Years of experience

February 2020

Firstly this month was a busy one for Sarneek, he was only in the office 6 days out of 20. He was in Cork for the first two weeks (explain why) Then in Cabot for the last two weeks (explain why). 

Secondly here at Servaplex, we’re conducting case studies, we’d love for all our customers to give us feedback and improvements and how their ManageEngine products have helped there a day-to-day busy and also it’s a Leap year so an extra day for business, which gives us 4 full weeks of Feb 

Case Study

  • As part of the new year we at Servaplex are conducting case studies. We are asking new customers and old customers why they have ME products and if/ how it has helped their business. If you want to get in involved, drop us an email

ManageEngines new Product updates:

In our pursuit to align evolving customer requirements and the
ever-changing IT landscape, we’ve had an adventurous year, packed
with new product releases and big feature updates.

ServiceDesk Plus expanded its rapid-start enterprise service desk capabilities to its on-premises offering.