December Blog

December Blog

Welcome to our December blog, what a year it has been! Plenty of it spent at home writing and creating blogs.

Down below is where you can find all our blogs from the past year. Enjoy reading them and following our 2020 journey!

January, February & March

In January Tim & Gerry travelled to India to attend the ManageEngine Partner Conference. In February we also prepared for our London trip to the ManageEngine User Conference. Sadly, in March the pandemic had hit Europe so the work from home life began. We put together useful tools to help those adapting to the WFH life.

July, August & September

In July, ManageEngine had launched online training segments, as everyone was still WFH. Throughout August ManageEngine launched Desktop Central on the cloud, it was a huge success. Finally, in September, schools went back after being off since March, so we put together our most popular solutions to aid those in education.

April, May & June

During April and May the Service Desk Plus masterclasses started plus ManageEngine provided more webinars and virtual events for customers. In June, summer had finally arrived and we started to engage more on social media.

October, November & December

In October, Ireland was placed back into lockdown yet we still managed to put together two successful case studies. During November, we were still going through difficult times, nevertheless we got two more case studies done. To end the year right, in December, our IT specialist Sarneek flew home to India to get married and we were all able to watch it live!