How To Introduce Strong Passwords : Three Simple Steps

More and more organizations and IT departments need to introduce password complexity. Implementing strong passwords that have to change regularly is not easy, and can get a lot of resistance from the end users, or generate unnecessary helpdesk calls. Here are three simple tools to help you introduce complex passwords in your organization:

1.Password Self-Service:

In order to reduce the number of helpdesk calls that are password related, make users autonomous on the management and recovery of their passwords.

Results: Less password reset calls, 24x7 service, increased security (helpdesk identification)

SSRPM (Self-Service Reset Password Manager) by Tools4ever is a good tool allowing for password resets through security questions or strong SMS authentication. 

2. Reduce the number of Passwords that users have:

Naturally the more passwords users have to manage the more they will resist to strong password policies. Introduce a tool that reduces the number of passwords. 

Results: Decreased number of passwords = user comfort

With Single Sign-On tools like Tools4ever’s E-SSOM (Single Sign –On Manager) it is possible to reduce the number of logins and password combinations to just one, and eliminate about 3 to 5 password logon combinations per day. 

3.Help users creating strong passwords through a password creation wizard.

In order for users to not get frustrated when creating their new strong password, they may need some assistance. A simple windows integrated tool can assist users while creating their password, showing the complexity rules and flagging each requirement as it is fulfilled.

Results: Users can create strong passwords instantly without getting unclear Windows error messages.

A tool that assists users in creating strong passwords according to the company’s own rules is PCM (Password Complexity Manager). It is extremely user friendly and integrates seamlessly into the user environment. 

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