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Our Customer Case Studies
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Our Customer Case Studies
September Blog
Check out this month’s blog to know “what’s new” and solutions we provide to schools, colleges and training centres.
August Blog
Welcome to another Servaplex blog. August Blog is all about the Cloud Solutions we offer here at Servaplex. The cloud solutions we offer range from ServiceDesk Plus cloud to our newest member of the cloud family Desktop Central.
July Blog
Welcome to this months blog! We are focusing on training. Find the current training on this page. We can also arrange a tailored training session or demo to suit your needs.
June Blog
You are so very welcome to this months blog! It is officially the first month of summer but of course the Irish weather had winter on its mind. This months blog is about our social media.
May Blog
You are so very welcome to this months blog! This month we have decided to focus on webinars and other virtual events that are happening across the globe.
April Blog
As we all know COVID-19 has changed our every day lives in just a few short weeks. Sadly, some of us have and will be affected more than others.
March Blog
ManageEngine supply a range of IT tools to help those who are struggling with work due to COVID-19.
February Blog
Another busy month for Servaplex. Have a read!!
January Blog
Firstly Tim and Gerry headed to Chennai in India for the ManageEngine Partner Conference in the middle of January. Secondly, Sarneek was out in Cork towards the end of the month doing onsite training. And lastly, we also discussed what events Servaplex will run this year.