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New Boundary

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New Boundary

Simple • Automated • Granular

New Boundary Technologies makes it easy to:

  • Automate management of your IT networks with our IT Management solutions.
  • Cut your energy consumption with our PC Power Management solutions.
  • Manage and monitor your fleet, tanks or equipment with our Remote Monitoring and Control solutions.


New Boundary Technologies’ innovative product line-up today includes:

  • Prism Suite®: a fully integrated Windows configuration management solution that features simple and automated software deployment, IT asset management and patch management capabilities.
  • PwrSmart™ Software: a simple, automated PC power management solution that centrally controls PC power settings and energy consumption.
  • PwrSmart™ Service: a risk-free PC power management solution that instantly delivers energy savings and reduces carbon emissions.
  • Policy Commander®: a flexible and automated Windows configuration management solution for addressing security and configuration compliance challenges.
  • FleetVista™: a Web-based remote monitoring solution that significantly improves fleet operations and lowers costs.
  • TankVista™: the first cloud-based service for continuously monitoring and analyzing the conditions and storage levels of commercial storage tanks, bins, silos and other containers.