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We’re happy to present free online training, workshops, and masterclasses to improve your knowledge.

If you can’t make it to a particular session, go ahead and register anyway as every session is recorded and you can watch at a time that’s convenient for you.

Servaplex also provides tailored training for customers, if you’d like more information on this to drop us a quick mail and we can sort this out for you.

ServiceDesk Plus Masterclass 2021

The ServiceDesk Plus masterclass series is back!  The sessions will be conducted live on every fourth week of the month.

Hack 1: How to be within easy reach of your users
Hack 2: How to capture every detail about an incident
Hack 3: How to automate manual tasks
Hack 4: How to collaborate with other users
Hack 5: How to be resourceful
Hack 6: How to evaluate your performance

OpManager Training

Attend our free training on OpManager and learn tips, tricks and hacks to improve your network performance. This four-part training covers network monitoring and management across OpManager’s different modules. Get to know OpManager better and gain greater control over your IT infrastructure.

Modernize service management for IT and beyond. Delivering key services and resources to employees scattered across a hybrid workspace has become a key challenge for organizations across the globe. Particularly non-IT departments, like HR and Facilities, find it hard to deliver a consistent service experience to their workforce without the right tools and processes.

Endpoint Management & Security (EMS)

This training program facilitates the understanding of complete endpoint management in every organization’s network. This unified approach to endpoint management and security allows use to get detailed insights on all the aspects of managing different types of endpoints like desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices, tablets, etc.

ADManager Plus Workshop Series 2021

Please join us for this ADManager workshop to help you master Active Directory (AD), Exchange and Office 365 administration.

This complimentary ManageEngine workshop will run 5 sessions starting on April 12th until April 21s..

ManageEngine's What's New webinar series.

  • Improved capabilities to detect and mitigate security incidents 

  • New features in ADManager Plus: Let’s get you up to speed.

  • Get the best out of ADSelfService Plus

  • Getting you up to speed with the latest features of ADAudit Plus