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New Boundary Technologies, Inc. is a global provider of IT management and remote monitoring and control solutions that help organizations become more efficient, secure, and productive.

Drawing on 25 years of expertise in computer configuration and remote device management, we develop solutions and technologies that empower people to control their information technology assets and remote equipment from anywhere in the world.

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PwrSmart - New Boundaries - Servaplex Ireland


Do you turn off your PC at the end of the workday? Not many do. Research found that as few as 36% of employees power down their PCs at the end of the day, resulting in billions of dollars wasted and as much as 20 million tons of excess carbon dioxide emitted annually.

Organization wasting significant energy powering PCs when not in use? You are not alone. Studies show that up to 64% of computers are left on at full power at the end of the workday. This unproductive energy usage may account for up to 15% of your organization’s total energy consumption. PwrSmart Software eliminates this waste — saving significant dollars for your organization.

Prime features of PwrSmart:

  • PwrSmart Software gives you immediate energy savings by automatically powering down computers when in ideal.
  • PwrSmart Software maximizes your energy efficiency by automatically and centrally controlling your PC’s behaviour when inactive.
  • PwrSmart Service requires no up-front infrastructure investment, software maintenance, support contract or lengthy subscription agreement, With a quick ROI of typically less than three months, you can have an immediate impact on your budget and accelerate your organization’s sustainability initiatives in long term run.

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