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What Is IT Auditing (ITAU)?

An information technology audit, or information systems audit, is an examination of the management controls within an Information technology (IT) infrastructure and business applications.

The evaluation of evidence obtained determines if the information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity, and operating effectively to achieve the organization’s goals or objectives.

These reviews may be performed in conjunction with a financial statement audit, internal audit, or other form of attestation engagement, Complete and powerful auditing solutions to help you manage your network from a single platform.

IT Auditing Products

ADAudit Plus - IT Solutions Ireland - Servaplex

ADAudit Plus helps keep your Windows Server ecosystem secure and compliant by providing full visibility into all activities.

Streamline auditing, demonstrate compliance, and detect threats with just a few clicks.

“10 features that make ADAudit Plus a 1-stop IT auditing solution”

ADAudit Plus is an Active Directory change audit and reporting solution. It helps IT administrators to audit and track the changes in Windows Active Directory. Change auditing is critical to maintaining a secure IT infrastructure.Knowing exactly who made what change, when and where, is something auditors look for during security and compliance audits.

It also makes for good IT management practice.

Available In 3 Editions


Audit and collect data across 25 workstations

Generate reports using log data collected during evaluation


All features of free edition +
Reports and alerts on event log data collected from these licensed components:
Domain Controllers
Azure AD Tenants
Windows servers
Windows file servers
NAS devices


All features of standard edition +
Account lockout analysis
AD permissions change auditing
GPO settings change tracking
DNS and AD schema change auditing
Old and new values of AD object attribute changes
Support for MS SQL database
And much more


“ManageEngine’s MDM solution is used on all our factory mobile devices, and we plan to roll out the software to all devices we use worldwide. Mobile Device Manager Plus is the first ManageEngine product we’ve used, and it has proved to be an excellent choice – we are now also using the ManageEngine Patch Management system.”

Fearghal McCorriston

IT Manager

“Servaplex has been fantastic helping us onboard with the new cloud environment of Desktop Central and liaising with the folks in ManageEngine on our behalf.”

Colin Cooper

Head of ICT

Data Security Plus - IT Solutions Ireland - Servaplex

DataSecurity Plus is a data visibility and security solution that offers data discovery, file storage analysis, and real-time Windows file server auditing, alerting & reporting.

Furthermore, it monitors file integrity; streamlines compliance requirements; generates instant, user-defined email alerts; finds sensitive personal data (PII/ePHI) stored in files, folders, or shares; and automatically executes predefined responses when security threats such as ransomware attacks occur.

DataSecurity Plus caters to any organization that’s looking to enhance data visibility, strengthen its security, and streamline compliance for file servers.

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus Features

  • Access Control
  • Access Controls/Permissions

  • Alerts/Notifications

  • Anomaly/Malware Detection

  • Audit Management

  • Audit Trail

  • Compliance Management

  • Compliance Tracking

  • Contextual Search

  • Continuous Monitoring

  • Dashboard

  • Data Dictionary Management

  • Data Mapping

  • Document Classification

  • Document Storage

DataSecurity Plus is Available in 3 Editions

File Server

Audit, monitor, and report on file accesses and modifications in real time.
Monitor file integrity.

Data Leak

Audit, monitor, and track endpoint usage.
Prevent sensitive data leaks via endpoints such as USB devices and email.

Data Risk

Discover and classify sensitive files as PII/ePHI based on their vulnerability.
Analyse permissions, identify ROT data, and more.

Eventlog Analyzer - IT Solutions Ireland - Servaplex

Log management, auditing, and IT compliance management for SIEM

If you want to know what’s happening in your network to gain insights into potential threats and stop them before they turn into an attack, then you need to investigate your logs.

Log-generating aspects of an enterprise’s network

  • Perimeter devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, and IDS/IPS.
  • Servers.
  • Applications that your business runs, such as databases and web servers and more.

All these components generate an immense volume of log data. Manually sifting through logs from all these sources to find security events of interest, such as user accesses, unusual activities, user behaviour anomalies, policy violations, internal threats, external attacks, data theft, and more, is futile.

EventLog Analyzer Available In 3 Editions


Supports up to 5 log sources only
Never expire
Centralized log collection and archival
Log search-based reports
Compliance reports
Log forensic analysis capability


Supports 10 to 1,000 log source Includes,
Centralized log collection and archival
Log search-based reports
Compliance reports
Log forensic analysis capability


Supports 50 to unlimited log sources
Includes all features of premium edition and supports
Scalable environment
Distributed central-collector architecture
Multi-geographical location monitoring
Site-specific reports
Rebranding of the web client for client-specific views

SharePoint Manager Plus - Manage Engine IT Auditing - Servaplex

The Complete Management and Auditing Solution for SharePoint

SharePoint platform provides easy hosting and collaboration of business data both online and on-premises.

The flexibility and ease of use has made companies rapidly adopt SharePoint to host their business data. However, the high level of collaboration and dynamic nature of the content pose challenges to SharePoint administrators in managing and auditing the SharePoint servers.

All SharePoint administrators’ need of the hour is a comprehensive tool that can monitor, analyse, and audit multiple SharePoint deployments from a central console.

SharePoint Manager Plus Benefits

  • It helps you to manage, audit, report both the on-premises and Office 365 SharePoint environments.
  • It also allows you to monitor, track and analyse all the activities in your SharePoint infrastructure which facilitates informed, timely and accurate decision making and management.

SharePoint Manager Plus Features

  • SharePoint Security and Auditing
  • Effortless SharePoint Management
  • SharePoint Usage Analytics
  • SharePoint Reporting
  • Office 365 Management
  • Audit Log Archival

SharePoint Manager Plus Is Available In 3 Editions

Trial Edition

All features of Professional Edition will be available during the trial period (30 days).
You can manage, audit, and monitor, – 3 farms or Office365 configuration – Unlimited site collections.
After the trial period, you can only view the collected data and generate reports from it.
To continuously collect, monitor, and manage data from SharePoint servers, migrate to Standard or Professional Edition.

Standard Edition

50+ prebuilt reports for on-premises and Office365 servers that help in managing, monitoring, and auditing.
70+ audit reports for on-premises and Office365 SharePoint servers.
Schedule and create custom reports.
Get in-depth visibility into hybrid SharePoint architecture with ‘Explorer’ option.
Receive instant email notifications.
Archive audit log data for custom time period.

Professional Edition

Includes all features of Standard Edition.
Offers capability to manage SharePoint permissions, groups, and users.
View operational logs for auditing purposes.
Manage site collection administrator accounts at ease.

Netwrix Active Directory - IT Auditing Ireland - Servaplex

Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory delivers security intelligence about what’s going on in Active Directory and Group Policy.
Audit Active Directory changes and logons to mitigate the risk of privilege abuse, prove IT compliance and streamline troubleshooting.

Leverage Active Directory auditing with Netwrix Auditor to maintain security and prove compliance

An improperly changed attribute in Active Directory Users and Computers can render employees unable to access critical business resources. So can account lockouts.

Netwrix Auditor enables you to quickly get everyone working again by transforming security log events into actionable intelligence with all the necessary details, including the before and after values for each change.

Answers Crucial Questions Buried Deep In Your Active Directory Change Logs

  • Who deleted an account?
  • Who added an account to a Domain Admins group?
  • Who reset a user’s password?


“Netwrix Auditor helps us with Active Directory auditing and reporting on attributes that have changed and allows us to quickly respond to the events that have the potential to take us out of compliance.”

Ofer Amrami

Director, Infrastructure and Operations,
American Career College

Netwrix Exchange - Email IT Solutions Ireland - Servaplex

Netwrix Auditor for Exchange simplifies Exchange auditing across on-premises and cloud-based environments and provides actionable audit data, all in one place.

“Complete visibility into what’s happening in your on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online systems”

See who has access to what, monitor non-owner mailbox access events, and track Exchange configuration and permission changes, so you can prevent data breaches, prove IT compliance, and ensure ongoing availability of email services.

Effective Exchange auditing is essential for ensuring the security of email data and the availability of email services, as well as for proving compliance.

How much time do you normally spend trying to figure who has access to your online mailboxes or what critical changes were made to your Exchange Server infrastructure? Unlike native solutions, Netwrix Auditor can quickly deliver you this actionable information, all in a single place.

Network Auditor for Exchange Features

  • Visibility into access permissions
  • Comprehensive change auditing
  • Non-owner mailbox access monitoring
  • Near real-time alerts on critical activity
  • Easy-to-read audit reports and overview dashboards
  • Streamlined compliance reporting


“Instead of hopping around 130 different servers, looking at logs and trying to figure out who made what change that caused an issue, I receive the answer right away in Netwrix Auditor. The platform saves me at least six hours per week. That is priceless.”

Dominick Napodano

Systems and Network Administrator,
The Kirlin Group

Netwrix Office 365 - Email IT Solutions Ireland - Servaplex

Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint and Exchange provides actionable intelligence about what’s going on in your Office 365 environment.

“Overcome the drawbacks of Office 365 audit logs with actionable intelligence that enhances IT security and streamlines compliance”

See who has access to what, monitor user activity in SharePoint Online, and audit all modifications and non-owner mailbox access events in Exchange Online to enhance security and streamline IT compliance.

  • Are you tired of crawling through endless audit logs in the Office 365 Admin Centre, and switching back and forth between the Office 365 Security and Compliance Centre and the Exchange Admin Centre?
  • Do you want to slash the time you have to spend on privilege attestations and compliance audits?
  • Do you want a unified auditing platform that will securely retain logs from your SharePoint, Azure AD and other systems?

Netwrix Auditor addresses all these needs.

Netwrix Auditor Office 365 Plus Features

  • Visibility into user permissions
  • Detailed change auditing
  • Data access monitoring
  • Content change reporting
  • Alerts on critical activity
  • Reports on non-owner mailbox activity

  • Comprehensive reports and overview dashboards
  • Streamlined compliance reporting
  • Interactive search
  • Behaviour anomaly discovery
  • Automated incident response
  • User Behaviour and Blind Spot Analysis reports


“To be compliant with regulatory standards, we are required to prove that we are in full control of our IT environment. Netwrix Auditor makes audits so much easier. We save weeks’ worth of time! Now we know about every change and every user action in our IT environment, so we also know our data is more secure than before. It’s a great product. I definitely recommend it.”

Netwrix SQL - IT Auditing Ireland - Servaplex

Netwrix Auditor for SQL Server provides actionable intelligence about your Microsoft SQL Server, including who has access to what, who’s logging in and what critical changes are being made.

Conduct regular SQL Server auditing to mitigate the risk of privilege abuse, prove IT compliance and maintain high availability of your databases.

“Simplify IT compliance and maximize server security by conducting a comprehensive audit in SQL Server”

To protect your SQL Server, you need to quickly find answers to security-related questions such as these:

  • Who created a new schema object?
  • Which server database properties were altered?
  • Who has access to databases containing sensitive data? Who changed the database roles in SQL Server?

Unlike most SQL Server auditing tools, Netwrix Auditor helps you answer these questions promptly and also proactively improve security to prevent incidents and downtime.

Network Auditor for SQL Features

  • Visibility into user permissions
  • Detailed change auditing
  • Data access monitoring
  • Content change reporting
  • Alerts on critical activity
  • Reports on non-owner mailbox activity
  • Comprehensive reports and overview dashboards
  • Streamlined compliance reporting
  • Interactive search
  • Behaviour anomaly discovery
  • Automated incident response
  • User Behaviour and Blind Spot Analysis reports


“We have a lot of people who touch SQL. Before Netwrix Auditor, we were not aware of all permissions that were out there, which permissions were changed, who changed configuration files and things like that. Netwrix Auditor removes lots of gaps.”

Hercu Rabsatt

Director of Infrastructure & Service Management, Mansfield Oil

Netwrix Windows File Servers - IT Auditing Ireland - Servaplex

Netwrix Auditor for Windows File Servers provides actionable security intelligence about all changes made to files, folders, shares and permissions, file access auditing, data discovery and classification (in conjunction with Netwrix Data Classification) and file analysis reporting for improved data security and information management.

“Improve security and ensure regulatory compliance with Netwrix file auditing software”

To comply with external regulations and ensure data security, organizations must audit their Windows file servers. Performing Windows file auditing helps detect leaks and unauthorized modifications of sensitive data.

Netwrix Auditor for Windows File Servers automates file server auditing and reporting, thereby mitigating the risk of compliance failures and problems with the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of data.

Network Auditor for Windows File Servers Features

  • Data classification reports
  • File share auditing
  • File access auditing
  • Control over data access rights
  • Threshold-based alerts
  • File analysis reports
  • Streamlined compliance reporting
  • Interactive search
  • Windows file server risk assessment
  • Behavior anomaly discovery
  • User Behavior and Blind Spot Analysis
  • Non-intrusive architecture


“Controlling access to sensitive data is one of our priorities since we must comply with numerous industry standards. Netwrix Auditor helps us to ensure that there is no room for unauthorized actions that could potentially compromise sensitive data and damage our customers.”

Mark Patten

Director of Corporate Engineering, FXCM Inc.