NetSupport School Quick Start Guide for TeachersDownload our netsupport User Guide. NetSupport School is the market-leading classroom management solution, providing award-winning monitoring, control, collaboration and assessment features to help maximise the benefits of technology-led teaching – supporting all students’ learning styles. Download (.pdf)
Free eBook: 10 firewall best practices for network security adminsThe heart of any firewall's performance is its rules and policies. If not managed properly, these can leave your network vulnerable to attacks. In this e-book, we bring you the top 10 firewall best practices that can help you optimize your
Cyber Risks 2019: Challenge Accepted?This edition of Cyber Chief Magazine provides the top IT security trends that will define the way organizations address cybersecurity risks in 2019 and shares strategies that will help them act proactively while securing their sensitive data. Download December Edition (.pdf)
SysAdmin Magazine: Best of 2018Wondering if Santa and his elves have prepared something special for you this Christmas? Let’s face it — those guys probably don’t even exist. Luckily, you don’t have rely on North Pole bureaucracy to get the gift you deserve this holiday season. Click the link below
We Need to Talk: Improving CISO-Board CommunicationThis edition of Cyber Chief Magazine shares recommendations for how CISOs can identify the most business-critical security risks, help the board see security investments as real business enablers and better articulate benefits that executives care about. Doenload October Edition (.pdf)
Automate It! Managing AD with PowerShellThis issue of SysAdmin Magazine celebrates lazy (read “efficient”!) admins who subscribe to the principle, “work smarter, not harder.” It provides a time-tested kit of Windows PowerShell commands that make the job of managing Active Directory easy and almost hands free. You’ll find out how
How to avoid getting tricked by hackers this HalloweenWhile everyone prepares for the frights of Halloween, there’s a real evil lurking just out of sight—an imminent threat that grows stronger each passing day. And no amount of burning sage, sprinkling salt, or carrying garlic will ward off this threat. Gather
Advanced analytics for knowledge base management. As self-service help desks become the norm, help desk managers need to ensure the solutions in their knowledge base repository are contextual, relevant, and deliver true value to the end user. The advanced analytics for knowledge base module helps you objectively inspect and analyze