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  • Mitre Corporation - Manage Engine Log360 - Servaplex

The MITRE Corporation & Log360

February 3, 2023|

Learn about The ATT&CK framework developed by the nonprofit MITRE and how it can be used with Log360 for cybersecurity.

Servaplex 2022 Year in Review

December 14, 2022|

Check out the Servaplex 2022 Year in Review where we give you the highlights from the year that was and a glimpse at plans for 2023!

  • London ManageEngine User Conference - Review

London ManageEngine User Conference 2022 Review

November 23, 2022|

The ME UserConf for 2022 has now been and gone but what a memorable conference it was. It's always great to meet up, network and learn from others in the industry and in that regard the ManageEngine UserConf 22 did just that.

  • Patch Tuesday October 2022 - Microsoft - Servaplex IT Solutions Ireland

What’s New – October 2022 Patch Tuesday Recap

November 8, 2022|

October Patch Tuesday 2022 was a busy month when it came to patches for some of the biggest names in IT. In this post we'll recap what's new, what you need to know and what you should do to keep your IT systems safe and secure.

  • IT Ticketing System Software - Servaplex

IT Ticketing System Software

September 26, 2022|

In this post we’ll give you the info you need to know about IT Ticketing System Software, what it’s used for and the best options available on the market […]

  • Security Network Devices - Vulnerability Manager Plus - Servaplex

Security for Network Devices – Vulnerability Manager Plus

September 8, 2022|

A crucial component of any IT architecture is network devices, often known as network infrastructure devices. Network devices facilitate connectivity and communication between people, devices, apps and the internet […]

  • Help Desk Software for Schools Ireland - Servaplex IT Solutions

Help Desk Software for Schools

August 29, 2022|

Help Desk software is a tool used to organize, manage and solve various queries or requests raised by customers about day-to-day issues. Whilst using help desk software in schools […]

  • Seminar Recaps - IAM and ManageEngine - Servaplex

IAM & ManageEngine Seminar Recaps

July 19, 2022|

We’d like to thank everyone who made our two most recent Seminars possible, including all of our attendees, The Royal Marine hotel staff, the team from ManageEngine staff, and […]

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