Endpoint Central and Service Desk Plus: Changes

In the ever-changing world of IT management, staying flexible is key. ManageEngine, a seasoned player in this field, has recently adjusted the pricing for their Service Desk Plus Cloud and Endpoint Central services. Instead of just focusing on numbers, they’re aiming to provide more value and flexibility to their customers. While any change in pricing can initially spark concerns, understanding the rationale behind these adjustments and their potential benefits is crucial for navigating this transition smoothly.

ManageEngine Pricing Structure for Server Management

In response to the evolving landscape of server environments, ManageEngine has decided to implement distinct pricing structures for server management. While previously, Service Desk Plus Cloud and Endpoint Central on-premises solutions shared identical pricing, this update reflects the recognition of the growing complexity within server environments. As part of this adjustment, there will be a 30% increase in pricing for the cloud versions. This increase aims to align with the specialised features and functionalities tailored to address the unique challenges of server environments. These enhancements bring revolutionary advancements designed to aid businesses in optimising their operations and leveraging the full potential of our cloud solutions.

ManageEngine Rates 2024

The revised rates are as follows:

Standard Technicians Current Revised
10 $1,195 $1,545
20 $2,395 $3,145
25 $2,995 $3,845
50 $4,795 $6,245
100 $8,395 $10,945
200 $14,995 $19,545

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Evolving Needs, Evolving Solutions

The landscape of server management is continually evolving, with servers requiring unique functionalities beyond typical endpoint management and security. ManageEngine has recognized this shift and invested in powerful features specifically tailored for servers, positioning itself as a leader in the market with built-in server capabilities. These include:

  1. Vulnerability Management: Correlating vulnerabilities with corresponding patches for seamless remediation.
  2. Patch Management: Utilising pre- and post-deployment scripts, self-service portals, and customizable policies for efficient patching.
  3. Server Application Support: Managing and maintaining server-specific applications.
  4. Backup and Recovery: Implementing efficient and customizable folder backup solutions.
  5. Remote Control and Troubleshooting: Enjoying built-in capabilities for diagnosing and resolving server issues.
  6. Server OS Imaging and Deployment: Streamlining server deployment processes.
  7. Security: Gaining granular control over services, processes, and user access for enhanced security.

The introduction of separate pricing for server management provides customers with the flexibility to tailor their subscriptions based on their specific requirements. Whether organisations prioritise comprehensive server management capabilities or focus primarily on endpoint management, they can now choose the subscription model that best aligns with their needs and budget.

Essential Facts & Immediate Benefits of ManageEngine Changes

ManageEngine rolled out these exciting changes in its licensing structure effective from April 01, 2024. Existing customers will experience these changes during their next renewal or upgrade cycle, while current subscriptions will remain unaffected until then. Pricing updates have been visible across all ManageEngine’s tools and pages since April 01, 2024. Despite separate server pricing, ManageEngine remains competitive and committed to enhancing server functionalities with the best among competitors with these updates.

Renewal Upgrade April 2024 - ManageEngine

Navigating the ManageEngine Transition

In essence, the changes in pricing and licensing structures for Service Desk Plus Cloud and Endpoint Central represent a strategic realignment aimed at delivering greater value, competitiveness, and flexibility to our customers. By investing in specialised server management capabilities and aligning with industry standards, ManageEngine empowers organisations to effectively manage their IT infrastructure while maximising cost-effectiveness and service quality. As we embark on this journey together, it is essential to stay informed, adapt proactively, and leverage the support and resources provided by ManageEngine to maximise the benefits of these solutions.

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