IT Solutions Case Studies

Check out some of our IT Solution Case Studies to see how we’ve deployed some of the different software and solutions for a range of clients. If you have any questions about how you can benefit from our IT expertise then get in touch.

EndPoint Central - Flipdish - Case Study Servaplex


Endpoint Central

The Flipdish IT team was challenged by a large number of endpoints created for its remote working model. Learn how EndPoint Central from ManageEngine helped Flipdish.

ServiceDesk Plus and Endpoint Central - Case Study Inland Fishers- Servaplex

Inland Fisheries Ireland

ServiceDesk Plus | Endpoint Central

Inland Fisheries Ireland initially needed to implement a new Service Desk and Endpoint Management Solution. Another important factor for Inland Fisheries was being able to fully integrate with Active Directory domain services.

Desktop Central - KirbyGroup - Case Study Servaplex


ServiceDesk Plus | Endpoint Central

The Kirby group first deployed ManageEngine’s Desktop Central, the unified endpoint management (UEM) solution and then added ServiceDesk the web based, ITIL ready help desk system.

Desktop Central - Medical Council Ireland - Servaplex

Medical Council Ireland

Cloud Central

The Medical Council use a cloud central platform to allow the ICT team to proactively manage the environment across our extended network.

Desktop Central - Foroige - Case Study Servaplex


Mobile Device Manager | Patch Manager

With Desktop Central UEM Edition Foróige can report on their devices, push out software to all or select devices at once saving them a huge amount of time installing them one by one.

Mobile Device Manager Plus - Combilift Case Study - Servaplex


Mobile Device Manager | Patch Manager

ManageEngine offered everything they needed when it came to its features and also with regards to compatibility with their hardware and setting up and deploying the devices was a breeze for the technicians.

Manage Engine Desktop Central - Longford - Case Study Servaplex


ServiceDesk Plus | Endpoint Central

Longford choose ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus as it allowed them to quickly set up an effective IT Service Desk that could be incorporated into their existing environment with little change required.

Manage Engine Desktop Central - Ammeon Case Study


Endpoint Central | AssetExplorer

Ammeon integrated AssetExplorer for asset management and Desktop Central for endpoint management, gave Ammeon more visibility and control of their systems and also saved them a lot of time.

Desktop Central - Case Study Venn Life Science - Servaplex

Venn Life Sciences

ServiceDesk Plus | Endpoint Central

Venn Life Sciences needed to implement certain IT solutions to perform automatic inventory, software deployment, and patching of their corporate devices such as laptops, servers, and mobile phones.

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