Ammeon was founded in Ireland in 2003, they provide Development and DevOps services in the heart of Dublin City. Nearly 20 years later, not only do they remain a wholly-Irish-owned company, but they’ve grown to over 250 employees, spread across 3 European countries including Bucharest, Romania.

Today Ammeon, work with customers including the biggest Fortune 500 companies in the world and the most exciting start-ups. As new technologies and challenges emerge, they continue to help their customers stay ahead.

The Challenge, Utilisation & Why Us?

The challenges Ammeon experienced began some years back after they had quick growth within their company. They required a system that would allow them to easily manage their assets and provide the ability to control security updates and have visibility of what’s installed on their systems.

After some research they came across AssetExplorer, this was their first introduction to Servaplex and ManageEngine products.

“We have been using AssetExplorer successfully ever since. When we were researching a product that could help manage our systems and workstations, we naturally researched what Servaplex had to offer and this was the Endpoint Central system. The features available have exceeded our expectations and will help our IT department more easily support our customers.”

Ammeon integrated both ManageEngine solutions to provide features that include:

  • Patch Management
  • Purchase Order System
  • OS Imaging
  • & Additional Functionality to Control Their IT Systems

The combination of both ManageEngine’s AssetExplorer for asset management and Desktop Central for endpoint management, gave Ammeon more visibility and control of their systems and also saved them a lot of time.

"Here at Ammeon we have successfully used AssetExplorer for a number of years. We have recently implemented Endpoint Central which has exceeded our expectations and can’t recommend it enough. We look forward to seeing what systems Servaplex and ManageEngine will offer in the future."

“The key point for us choosing Servaplex and ManageEngine was the ability to manage our Linux machines that are over 70% of our workstations and 90% of our servers. Also being able to test the system with full capabilities for 29 days and still get all the support made a big difference for us. The whole sales and support team was fantastic.”

"It helped us be compliant with security standards, have more visibility and control of systems and workstations, be able to deploy multiple machines from images. It saves a lot of time and we make sure machines are kept tidy and working fine."

"The features available in Endpoint Central have allowed us to remotely deploy multiple machines from images, this has been particularly useful in the case of supporting our European offices. We have been able to use the remote access feature to support our remote users. We now have more visibility and control of our systems and workstations. It has saved the team time and ensured security compliance across all workstations and servers.”

Adonis Tarcio Moreira

Senior System Administrator at Ammeon

Solutions Used for Ammeon

Endpoint Central - Endpoint Management - Servaplex Ireland

Endpoint Central

Endpoint Central is a unified endpoint security and management solution that helps manage servers, desktops, and mobile devices all from a single console. It automates desktop management functions such as installing patches, distributing software, IT assets tracking, security management, remote control etc. Empowering businesses to cut their IT infrastructure costs, achieve operational efficiency, improve productivity, and combat network vulnerabilities.

Asset Explorer - ManageEngine - Servaplex


ManageEngine AssetExplorer is a web-based IT Asset Management (ITAM) software that helps you monitor and manage assets in your network from Planning phase to Disposal phase. AssetExplorer provides you with a number of ways to ensure discovery of all the assets in your network.