Free Online Training, Workshops & Masterclasses

We’re happy to present free online training, workshops, and masterclasses to improve your knowledge.

If you can’t make it to a particular session, go ahead and register anyway as every session is recorded and you can watch at a time that’s convenient for you.

Training IT Servaplex - ManangeEngine - Servicedesk Plus Masterclass

ServiceDesk Plus Masterclass

August through to December

Week 1- Design and create dynamic templates with ServiceDesk Plus Cloud

Week 2-Configure no-code and low-code automation across all major ITSM practices

Week 3- Build life cycles and workflows on a visual builder to standardize processes

Week 4- Integrate ServiceDesk Plus Cloud with Microsoft 365

Week 5- Explore the latest features of ServiceDesk Plus Cloud

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ManageEngine - Webinar - Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Management & Security

November – December

This training program facilitates the understanding of complete endpoint management in every organization’s network.

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Log360 -Training - ManangeEngine - Training Servaplex

Log360 Live Webinar

November 22nd @ 10am

The alerting module of a SIEM tool is essential to detect attacks at their nascent stages. In this webinar, our cybersecurity specialist will walk you through 10 crucial alerts you need to configure immediately in your infrastructure.

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ADAudit Plus Webinar - ManangeEngine - Training Servaplex

ADAudit Plus Live Webinar

November 24th @ 10 am

Enhancing threat detection with user behavior analytics (UBA).

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ADSelfService Plus Webinar - ManangeEngine - Training Servaplex

ADSelfService Plus Live Webinar

November 29th @ 10 am

Ensure your hybrid workforce is resilient to cyberattacks.

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Log360 Webinar - ManangeEngine - Training Servaplex

Log360 Live Webinar

November 29th @ 10 am

Unusual cybersecurity threats that are preventable

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Servaplex also provides tailored training for customers, if you’d like more information on this to drop us a quick mail and we can sort this out for you.

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