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Create reports, manage set-up, and unite all important programs such as Skype, OneDrive, Azure, etc from the one platform.

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Exchange Reporter Plus - Email IT Solutions Ireland - Servaplex

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus is a web-based analysis and reporting solution for Microsoft Exchange Servers. Exchange Reporter Plus is a comprehensive MS Exchange reporting software that provides over 100 different reports on every aspect of the Microsoft Exchange Server environment.

“Reporting, auditing, and monitoring solution for hybrid Exchange and Skype for Business”

What Problems Does It Solve?

  • Track incoming and outgoing email message, monitor mailbox size, perform Exchange traffic analysis and keep spam away form Active Directory mailboxes with mailbox Traffic, Mailbox Content and Mailbox Size reports.
  • Access real-time monitoring reports on Exchange database and server, ensure Exchange health and smooth functionality of server roles.
  • Keep up with ActiveSync Traffic in your organization by obtaining elaborate reports on ActiveSync usage, Sync request, policy details, status information and device details.

Exchange Reporter Plus Benefits

  • A web-based tool for on-the-move access
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Secured logins with two-factor authentication
  • Granular help desk roles for delegation
  • Single platform to report on, audit, and monitor Exchange
  • Keyword and pattern-based mailbox content search

Exchange Reporter Plus Features offered

  • Exchange reporting
  • Exchange auditing
  • Exchange monitoring
  • Skype for Business reporting
  • Mailbox content search


“Exchange Reporter Plus turned out to be the only solution that gave us mailbox size and group information within our budget. Now, we are able to notify end-users when their mailboxes reach a specific limit.”

Renee Davis

Life Management Center, Florida

“I was up, running, and collecting data from my Exchange environment within five minutes with nearly zero configuration steps! The sheer amount of reports and audits offered are staggering. More than 200 reports and audits are available at your fingertips.”

Andrew Jacops

System/Network Administrator, 4sysops

360 Manager Plus - IT Solutions Ireland - Servaplex

Manage engine Security for M365 is powered by Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS).

Microsoft EMS provides your organization with a platform to protect against advanced threats, personal data loss and unauthorized access into the environment as employees become more mobile.

“An exclusive solution to fortify Microsoft 365 environments”

M365 Security Plus Solutions Offered

  • Microsoft 365 Auditing
  • Microsoft 365 Content Search
  • Microsoft 365 Monitoring
  • Microsoft 365 Alerting
  • Help Desk Delegation

M365 Security Plus Services Supported

  • Exchange Online
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Azure Active Directory
  • SharePoint for Business
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Microsoft Stream
  • Skype for Business
  • Yammer, Sway, and more.

How does M365 Security Plus stand out from the rest?

  • Granular auditing: Gain access to detailed reports on critical changes and activities like failed logon attempts, file access, role changes, license modifications, and more. Create your own audit profiles to generate specific reports periodically, and to be notified via email.
  • Real-time alerting: Configure alert profiles to receive instant alerts for critical events, such as changes in password, malware filters, security settings, role assignments, and more. The alerts provide detailed information, such as the severity of the event, alert trigger, time of occurrence, etc.
  • 24×7 monitoring: Stay one step ahead of service failures with around-the-clock monitoring of health and performance of Microsoft 365 features and endpoints. Receive timely alerts on service outages and get detailed information about the event.
  • Advanced content search: Perform condition-based and pattern-based searches to identify emails with personal information, such as social security number, login credentials, etc. Identify a potential spear-phishing attack by configuring alerts to notify when an email is sent from an unknown user or unidentified server.
  • Help desk delegation: Ease IT admin workloads by creating custom roles, and delegating tasks such as auditing, reporting, and monitoring to non-administrative users. Leverage advanced delegation features like cross-tenant, domain-based, attribute-level delegation, and more. Also, track admin or technician activities with the help of audit logs.
360 Manager Plus - IT Solutions Ireland - Servaplex

M365 Manager Plus is an extensive Microsoft 365 tool used for reporting, managing, monitoring, auditing, and creating alerts for critical activities.

With its user-friendly interface, you can easily manage Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, and other Microsoft 365 services all from one place.

M365 Manager Plus provides exhaustive preconfigured reports on Microsoft 365 and helps you perform complex tasks including bulk user management, bulk mailbox management, secure delegation, and more. Monitor Microsoft 365 services around the clock and receive instant email notifications about service outages. M365 Manager Plus eases compliance management with built-in compliance reports and offers advanced auditing and alerting features to keep your Microsoft 365 setup secure.

M365 Manager Plus Features

  • Microsoft 365 Reporting: M365 Manager Plus provides over 700 preconfigured reports on Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, and other Microsoft 365 services. The reports can be scheduled and exported to PDF, CSV, XLS, or HTML format.

  • Microsoft 365 Auditing & Alerting: With built-in audit reports track every event happening in your Microsoft 365 environment to take preemptive actions and avoid dire consequences. Create custom alerts to get real-time email notification about critical activities happening in your Microsoft 365 environment.

  • Microsoft 365 Management: M365 Manager Plus makes Microsoft 365 management effortless with its sophisticated features. It allows to manage users, mailboxes, licenses, and contacts in bulk, substantially reducing the amount of time spent on management tasks.

  • Microsoft 365 Monitoring: Monitor the health of Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, and other major Microsoft 365 services around the clock from one, central location.

  • Microsoft 365 Help Desk Delegation: In M365 Manager Plus, you’re not limited to default roles as in Microsoft 365. Select any combination of reporting, management, auditing, and alerting tasks to create your own customized roles. Cross-tenant, and domain-based delegation is also possible.

M365 Manager Plus Available In 3 Editions

Free Edition

Supports 25 users/mailboxes.
Never expires.
Supports all the features of Standard edition

Standard Edition

Supports 25 to unlimited number of users/mailboxes.
Annual or perpetual subscription.
Supported features:
500+ reports on Microsoft 365 services.
Microsoft 365 management
Password expiry notification
Help desk delegation.

Starts at $345


Supports 25 to unlimited number of users/mailboxes.
Annual or perpetual subscription.
Supported features:
500+ reports on Microsoft 365 services.
Microsoft 365 auditing and alerting.
Microsoft 365 health monitoring.
Microsoft 365 management
Password expiry notification
Help desk delegation.

Starts at $595

Netwrix Exchange - Email IT Solutions Ireland - Servaplex

Netwrix Auditor for Exchange simplifies Exchange auditing across on-premises and cloud-based environments and provides actionable audit data, all in one place.

“Complete visibility into what’s happening in your on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online systems”

See who has access to what, monitor non-owner mailbox access events, and track Exchange configuration and permission changes, so you can prevent data breaches, prove IT compliance, and ensure ongoing availability of email services.

Effective Exchange auditing is essential for ensuring the security of email data and the availability of email services, as well as for proving compliance.

How much time do you normally spend trying to figure who has access to your online mailboxes or what critical changes were made to your Exchange Server infrastructure? Unlike native solutions, Netwrix Auditor can quickly deliver you this actionable information, all in a single place.

Network Auditor for Exchange Features

  • Visibility into access permissions
  • Comprehensive change auditing
  • Non-owner mailbox access monitoring
  • Near real-time alerts on critical activity
  • Easy-to-read audit reports and overview dashboards
  • Streamlined compliance reporting


“Instead of hopping around 130 different servers, looking at logs and trying to figure out who made what change that caused an issue, I receive the answer right away in Netwrix Auditor. The platform saves me at least six hours per week. That is priceless.”

Dominick Napodano

Systems and Network Administrator,
The Kirlin Group

Netwrix Office 365 - Email IT Solutions Ireland - Servaplex

Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint and Exchange provides actionable intelligence about what’s going on in your Office 365 environment.

“Overcome the drawbacks of Office 365 audit logs with actionable intelligence that enhances IT security and streamlines compliance”

See who has access to what, monitor user activity in SharePoint Online, and audit all modifications and non-owner mailbox access events in Exchange Online to enhance security and streamline IT compliance.

  • Are you tired of crawling through endless audit logs in the Office 365 Admin Centre, and switching back and forth between the Office 365 Security and Compliance Centre and the Exchange Admin Centre?
  • Do you want to slash the time you have to spend on privilege attestations and compliance audits?
  • Do you want a unified auditing platform that will securely retain logs from your SharePoint, Azure AD and other systems?

Netwrix Auditor addresses all these needs.

Netwrix Auditor Office 365 Plus Features

  • Visibility into user permissions
  • Detailed change auditing
  • Data access monitoring
  • Content change reporting
  • Alerts on critical activity
  • Reports on non-owner mailbox activity

  • Comprehensive reports and overview dashboards
  • Streamlined compliance reporting
  • Interactive search
  • Behaviour anomaly discovery
  • Automated incident response
  • User Behaviour and Blind Spot Analysis reports


“To be compliant with regulatory standards, we are required to prove that we are in full control of our IT environment. Netwrix Auditor makes audits so much easier. We save weeks’ worth of time! Now we know about every change and every user action in our IT environment, so we also know our data is more secure than before. It’s a great product. I definitely recommend it.”

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