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What Are The Solutions For Education

Solutions to this problem include Creating working groups, within education organizations, with the aim of advancing authentic student learning.

Leverage the internet to create online tools and resources that offer innovative teaching strategies to help engage students.

Education Products

Classroom Cloud - IT Solutions Schools Ireland - Servaplex

It’s the ideal cloud platform for effective classroom management and teaching, whether everyone is together in the classroom or learning remotely at home.

With no swapping between solutions for the different scenarios, it’s a great way to provide continuity for students – and teachers too! was recently awarded a certificate of Pedagogical Quality by Education Alliance Finland. has been developed with valuable input from teachers and the result is that it’s so simple to use. With clear, intuitive controls and the ability to interact with your virtual classroom in real time in just a few clicks, cloud-based teaching and learning has never been so easy!

Classroom Cloud Features

1.Real-time instruction
Share your screen and audio to help explain lesson activities, plus, interact with the class and give every student a voice with chat and messaging tools. Launch websites and applications directly on students’ devices to help save time, and even remote control their screens!

Classroom Cloud IT Solutions Schools Ireland

2.Assess and support
Use surveys to quickly gain an insight into everyone’s topic understanding and assign rewards to your students throughout the lesson – plus, deliver support quickly and easily when students ask via the help request tool.

Classroom Cloud IT Solutions Schools Ireland

3.Manage online behaviour
Need to get your students’ attention? Simply lock their screens! Plus, help them stay on task by easily monitoring what they’re typing and who they’re collaborating with, and controlling the applications they’re using and websites they’re visiting.

Classroom Cloud IT Solutions Schools Ireland

4.Stay safe
The new online safety toolkit helps always keep your online environment safe and secure, by monitoring concerning activity, identifying students at risk and spotting concerning trends. Its powerful tools are perfect for helping inform your online safety strategy/policies, and meeting the latest requirements.

Classroom Cloud IT Solutions Schools Ireland

Why choose Classroom Cloud?

  • Easy for teachers: The easiest classroom tool you’ll ever use, classroom. Cloud lets you monitor, control, and collaborate with your students to maintain their learning continuity – in class or remotely – keeping them on target for success.
  • Easy for technicians: Easy to set up, configure, manage, and use, classroom. Cloud virtually takes care of itself! Integrating directly with your existing infrastructure, you can deploy in minutes and manage teacher and student devices centrally – saving you a bunch of time.
  • Easy for online safety/ safeguarding staff: With clever use of contextual intelligence, and by working with educators, young people and leading charities, the online safety toolkit helps you identify, support, and always protect students – no matter where they are.
  • Easy for schools, Districts/Trusts: Low cost, scalable and central configuration, and management – classroom. Cloud is ideal for schools, Districts/Trusts. Once set up, the IT team’s involvement is minimal – and, for teachers, using its intuitive interface is a breeze!


“We chose because we needed a platform which helped our teachers easily monitor pupils’ activities and progress – allowing us to keep them on track with their learning. It also works both inside and outside the classroom, which is really reassuring given the times.”

Ben Whitaker

Head of IT services, Bury Grammar School

“ has made virtual teaching much easier. I can see when a student is not on task and help them by accessing their assignments, because I can see their screens in real time! The message tool is so valuable when a student is having connection issues and keeps dropping off the video call. You can message their Chromebook directly to give instructions or help. has made it possible to focus on the academics rather than the technology while learning virtually.”

Jason Houston

Director of Technology, Life Source International Charter School

Netsupport School - IT Solutions Schools Ireland - Servaplex

Helping schools worldwide, award-winning classroom management solution, NetSupport School provides teachers with dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control features to leverage the full value of technology-led teaching and learning using best practice.

NetSupport School Features

  • View and control students’ screens
  • Language Lab module
  • Digital journals of key content
  • Teacher, T/A and Student apps
  • Testing and assessment tools
  • Internet metering and control
  • Real-time instruction tools
  • Integration with OneDrive

  • Show teacher’s screen to students

  • Instant student surveys

  • Application metering and control

  • Hand out and collect work

The solution not only saves teachers’ time and maintains students’ focus, but also improves learning outcomes – regardless of the preferred learning style.

Netsupport Shool - Servaplex


“My teachers love everything about NetSupport School. It’s just so easy to use!”

Salado ISD, TX

“The features seem endless to enable different classroom scenarios and needs, depending on the subject and teaching style. It is a must for application labs and any classroom that has students’ computers to monitor.”


Asset Explorer - Manage Engine - IT Solutions Ireland

NetSupport DNA provides the complete solution to help monitor and manage its use, support staff in achieving best practice and protect students, both in the classroom and across the school.

This award-winning solution gives technicians IT asset management features to effectively track, monitor and manage IT assets across a school and its sites from one single point, helping them to save time, identify cost savings and increase security – plus improve staff and student productivity.

A built-in safeguarding module is included – as standard – to help schools improve their Safety and safeguarding functions; its range of proactive and reactive features being specifically designed to protect students without impacting learning outcomes.

Meanwhile, teachers can access the classroom management toolkit (NetSupport School – also available separately) to gain dedicated assessment, collaboration and control features, to leverage the full value of technology-led teaching and learning.

NetSupport DNA Benefits

IT Staff

  • Hardware inventory and discovery
  • Software licence management
  • Complete power management
  • Multi-site management
  • Endpoint security and system-wide alerts

NetSupport DNA Schools - Ireland - Servaplex

Safeguarding Staff

  • Safeguarding alerts
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Student ‘Report a concern’
  • Track ‘at risk’ student activity
  • Application and web metering
DNA - NetSupport - IT Solutions Schools Ireland - Servaplex


  • Real-time ICT instruction
  • Classroom assessment tools
  • Show teacher’s screen
  • Hand out and collect files
  • Monitor students’ screens
NetSupport DNA Schools Teachers - Ireland - Servaplex


“NetSupport DNA was designed to be an accessible, comprehensive, easy to use IT solution for schools, and it certainly does not disappoint.”

The Tech Edvocate

Netsupport Notify - IT Solutions Schools Ireland - Servaplex

NetSupport Notify is designed to deliver one-way alerts and notifications to desktop users that cannot be skipped, ignored, or saved for later.

Scaling to the largest of organisations with multiple sites, it provides a choice of priorities, customisations, delivery options and reporting.

In today’s challenging working environments, organisations are fast realising the benefits of mass notification technology.

As a solution specifically designed to deliver one-way alerts and notifications to desktop users that cannot be skipped, ignored or saved for later, NetSupport Notify scales to the largest of organisations with multiple sites and provides real-time status of notifications and acknowledgements − as well as delivering pre-scheduled alerts.

Simple to implement and use, NetSupport Notify is the perfect choice for messaging and alerting across a LAN or WAN network. Its dedicated local notification gateways allow seamless message delivery across multiple network segments or dispersed sites without the need for network modifications or switch configuration. A true mass notification system with fast and reliable alerts, NetSupport Notify’s alerts can carry varying priorities, customisations and delivery options.

With its low cost and ease of use, it’s no wonder there are over two million users worldwide.

NetSupport Notify - Schools Ireland - Servaplex

NetSupport Notify Features

  • Multi-platform support
  • Send “full screen” messages

  • Mobile Console for Android and iOS

  • Send targeted alerts to selected groups

  • Send alerts to unlimited number of users

  • Customise alerts with your branding

  • Includes alert sounds

  • Flexible delivery options and scheduling

  • Full reporting and tracking


The product deployed very easily and without any disruption to users. The first they were aware of it was when the first message popped up!”

Arden’s Fine Foods

“NetSupport Notify is a great product. It’s easy to install and maintain; a straightforward but very powerful tool.”

Brookhaven Memorial Hospital

Netsupport ServiceDesk - IT Solutions Schools Ireland - Servaplex

Easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure, NetSupport ServiceDesk delivers the processes needed to help you effortlessly track, organise, manage, and answer the toughest support challenges.

Its fully customisable and intuitive browser-based interface supports both desktop and mobile platforms and delivers robust workflow processes.

It supplies a wealth of management reports as well as providing a customer-friendly self-service portal – all the tools needed to help technicians deliver support effectively.

NetSupport ServiceDesk Features

  • Incident management
  • Change management

  • User management

  • Problem management

  • Service level management

  • Review status in real time

  • Customisable, multi-lingual interface

  • Real-time management reports

  • Solutions database for customers to search for an answer before they log an incident

  • Automated incoming/outgoing email processing

  • Automated assignment to escalation processes

  • Attach, store and associate files to an incident

NetSupport ServiceDesk - IT Solutions Schools - Ireland
NetSupport ServiceDesk - IT Solutions Schools - Ireland


“We find NetSupport ServiceDesk is easy to configure and we don’t need to rely on any special development skills to do so.”

Warwick District Council

“NetSupport ServiceDesk is a user-friendly solution with a good, clear user interface.”

HMP Lowdham Grange

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