Condusiv Technologies

Condusiv Technologies sells and supports several software products: Diskeeper, V-locity Virtual Machine, Undelete, HyperFast, HyperBoot, InvisiTasking.

The company was formerly known as Diskeeper Corporation, a name derived from its flagship product Diskeeper, a file-system defragmentation software package for Microsoft Windows and OpenVMS.

They are also known towards their products towards OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) including SanDisk, Samsung and LG.

Condusiv OEM products include ExpressCache, which exploits a small-density SSD as a cache for a larger-capacity HDD, thus improving boot times and applications launch.

They also has several technologies such as HyperFast, a solid-state drive optimizer, HyperBoot, a boot-time optimization technology and InvisiTasking, which enables any process to run invisibly in the background.

Condusiv Products

Diskeeper - Condusiv - Servaplex Vendor


Solution to Eliminate Fragmentation and Speed up Computer Systems. Diskeeper has been increasing PC and Server performance by eliminating and preventing fragmentation for millions of global customers for decades. Diskeeper also includes caching technology for faster-than-new computer performance.

Undelete - Condusiv - Servaplex Vendor


In the case of accidental data deletion, data recovery software uses deterministic and heuristic algorithms to find the location of deleted files, and then attempts to recover as much of the data as possible. Recovering that file from backup can be a support pain, even if the user knows the exact name and location of the file, and precisely when it was deleted.

Vlocity - Condusiv - Servaplex Vendor


V-locity is I/O reduction software that guarantees to solve the toughest application performance problems on virtual servers by eliminating the big I/O inefficiencies in a virtual environment that generates minimum of 30-40% I/O traffic that is nothing but mere noise dampening performance thereby reducing the load virtual environment.

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