Introducing New Netwrix Auditor 9.7: Detect and Block Attacks on Your Network Download Guide(.pdf) Network Devices Spot and investigate attacks targeting Cisco and Fortinet devices SharePoint Permissions See who has access to what to minimize overexposed data in SharePoint User Profile Speed investigations with readily available information about suspicious accounts
Cyber Chief Magazine “We Need to Talk: Improving CISO-Board Communication” This edition of Cyber Chief Magazine shares recommendations for how CISOs can identify the most business-critical security risks, help the board see security investments as real business enablers and better articulate benefits that executives care about. Download October Edition (.pdf)
Sysadmin Magazine “Automate It! Managing AD with PowerShell” This issue of SysAdmin Magazine celebrates lazy (read “efficient”!) admins who subscribe to the principle, “work smarter, not harder.” It provides a time-tested kit of Windows PowerShell commands that make the job of managing Active Directory easy and almost hands free. You’ll
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2018 Netwrix IT Risks ReportFor our third annual IT risks survey, we decided to completely revamp our approach and make an in-depth study of six major IT risks that are significant for most organizations. The research revealed a vivid discrepancy between organizations’ expectations and reality. For most companies insiders, who
Safexs Firebolt Safexs Firebolt SSD is a hardware-encrypted and robust Solid State Disk with an alphanumeric keypad, designed to protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access, this device provides super-fast data transfer speeds and can be used on a multitude of operating systems. ABOUT Built from a Strong Aluminium Anti-fingerprint
How to keep up with the shifting landscape of password attacksAdd V-locity to your database servers for greater productivity. In this lab test, I showed that over 39% more SQL transactions could be processed in the same amount of time, just by installing Condusiv's V-locity software. See Full Article DiskeeperUnDeleteVlocity
How to keep up with the shifting landscape of password attacks This whitepaper, titled How to keep up with the changing landscape of password attacks, discusses common password attacks and explains how you can thwart them. Download e-book