HEAnet Conference 2023

You may know that we provide IT services to the business sector but here at Servaplex we’re also active in the education space and so we recently attended the 2023 HEAnet Conference in Killarney.

Servaplex HEAnet Conference 2023

What is HEAnet?

HEAnet is Ireland’s National Research and Education Network. They deliver high-speed internet connectivity and ICT shared services to all levels of the Irish education sector – that’s over one million students, researchers and staff relying on their national education network daily.

HEAnet 2023 Recap

  • Day One: The 4-hour journey from Dublin/ Wicklow to Kerry started early and as soon as we arrived and got settled in it was then time to get to work. We got our stand completed and setup and then started to meet other companies who were also attending. Whilst it may have been a wet day in Kerry there was a lot of positive chatter and networking happening inside.
  • Day Two: The Servaplex delegates at the Conference, Gerry and Aoife, get to the stand bright and early as even from early in the morning the venue was in full swing. The conference opens with the Minister for Education saying a few words followed by a handful of companies giving their 30-second intro. During the talks and conference speakers, Aoife and Gerry got to speak to some new and existing customers.
  • Day Three: – another busy morning for the team, wrapping up conversations from the day before and exchanging details before Gerry and Aoife started on the never-ending drive home.

HEAnet Shoutouts

Whilst Aoife and Gerry were at the HEAnet conference, was particularly good to catch up with:

  • Chris from ATU Galway – Mayo
  • John O’Donnell from Galway & Roscommon Education & Training Board
  • Cillian and Fergal from Paradyn

HEAnet Conference - Winner Eamon Daly - Servaplex IT Solutions

But, There Can Only Be One Winner

During the day the Servaplex team had been handing raffle tickets to win a JBL speaker. When 4:30 pm arrived the Servaplex stand was mobbed with eager raffle ticket holders wanting to hear the good news. After a few (too many) tickets were called with no winners presenting themselves eventually ticket no.365 was called and Eamon Daly from Technological University of Shannon (Limerick) won.

HEAnet Conference 2023 Servaplex ManageEngine Ireland

First But Not Last HEAnet Conference

Overall, HEAnet was a blast, catching up with our new and existing customers. This was our first time attending this event but it wont be our last. Key an eye out for next years :D

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