NetSupport Customers

"The experience I have had with NetSupport and the team at Servplex has been excellent, both in terms of support and the the product itself.”
After we implemented NetSupport DNA, the situation was very different and, as it gathers so much data from each device automatically (storage, CPU, installed applications etc), we now have complete hardware and software inventories for all of our computers. It has helped us meet that need very well.
NetSupport Manager helps us to support all of the offices from a central point, which is so much easier and less time-consuming than having to send technicians out to visit the various offices when issues occurred – and allows us to work more productively than we did previously. NetSupport Manager has also allowed us to access PCs remotely and securely, and view them as “the user” as opposed to as an “Admin user” – enabling us to solve problems much quicker.
NetSupport DNA has really helped by saving our technicians a lot of time in eliminating manual processes and, therefore, it has increased our productivity. Of course, this means that our department saves money too, as we can work so much more efficiently than we did before. We would definitely recommend NetSupport DNA to others.
NetSupport Notify is the only solution of this nature that I’m aware of. We’d definitely recommend it to others to try, if they want to make sure that end users have seen their messages. Implementing NetSupport Notify has been extremely useful to us being able to communicate with colleagues when the primary communication medium is down. It’s quick to send messages and they are seen immediately, which is great.