In this post we’ll go over one of the commonly asked questions about OpManager from ManageEngine and delving into how you can monitor wireless access networks within OpManager, read on to learn more.

Wireless Networks Simplified – OpManager

Network devices have shifted drastically over the years from room sized machines to small portable devices. As the size of these devices underwent drastic changes, so did the technology involved in connecting them with one another. The result of these drastic changes is the formation of wireless networks. Wireless networks are advantageous in a way that there is no need for physical connection between various devices in the network. Also, the absence of physical interfaces saves lots of room space and makes it possible for networks to scale without the need for extra physical room space.

Wireless Networks Simplified - OpManager - ManageEngine

Monitoring What Matters

When it comes to cost effectiveness, installing individual wireless monitoring tools definitely isn’t best practice. Moreover, multiple tools require certain degree of management. All you need is a comprehensive wireless network management tool.

Among many other things, ManageEngine’s OpManager is an all-inclusive wireless network management software tool. Gather insights into your wireless network, everything from access points, wireless routers, switches, Laptops, Wi-Fi systems, etc. can be monitored from one single UI, with availability and health reports.

OpManager – Versatility and Utilisation

Wireless Strength: Monitor and manage factors like total number of access points, number of users, rogue access point signal strength. Keep track of the total number of access points, number of users, and access point signal strength.

Wireless Network Traffic: If the traffic in your wireless network exceeds the safe bandwidth limit, it can lead to unwanted disruption of connectivity and might even lead to downtime. In order to prevent your network from experiencing outages due to heavy traffic, OpManager provides various monitors such as wireless router traffic monitor, switch traffic monitor, Wi-Fi network traffic monitor, and more to help you keep track of the traffic in your wireless network.

You can setup multiple thresholds and get alerted via multiple medium (web console, email, SMS, android & iPhone apps ) in case the traffic in your wireless networks crosses pre-defined threshold limits. The benefit of setting multiple thresholds is that you can prevent significant impact to your wireless network even before the traffic reaches critical bandwidth limits.

Monitoring various parameters is easy, parameters such as total bytes received by wireless client systems and total bytes received by access points. Get a holistic view of the traffic in your wireless networks and proactively take measures to ensure that connectivity is not affected due to excess traffic.

Wireless Network Utilisation: Monitor the various parameters that helps you to keep a tab on the utilization of your wireless networks such as CPU utilisation, memory utilisation, total bytes sent to the station, disk utilisation, client total bytes transmitted etc.

Access Insightful reports, powerful device templates, a deeper understanding of your wireless network topology, and automate common monitoring & maintenance tasks. Integration with popular help desk features: OPManager integrates with popular help desk solutions like ServiceDesk Plus and ServiceNow. These integrations help in resolving faults in your wireless networks much more efficiently.

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