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Years of experience

January 2020

Welcome to our first blog. 

We’ve had a busy January 2020, 

Firstly Tim and Gerry headed to Chennai in India for the ManageEngine Partner Conference in the middle of January.

Secondly, Sarneek was out in Cork towards the end of the month doing onsite training.  And lastly, we also discussed what events Servaplex will run this year.

So stay tuned for that. 

We will be posting a blog the first Monday of every month, with new product updates, what we have been up to, etc. 

See you soon.

Tim and Gerry headed off to Chennai, India on the 20th of this month for the ManageEngine yearly partner conference and here’s how they got on!! ManageEngine has seen huge growth over the past year with over 180k customers in 190 countries. Adding to their existing worldwide data centers including Dublin and Amsterdam they added 3 new data centers across China and Australia. With a 21% increase in their workforce, ManageEngine now employs 9k people.

“ManageEngine annual global partner meet is off to a great start with 114 partners joining us from across 41 countries.”


The week was filled with intense seminars and training  all about ManageEngine new products and updates. Also getting to meet familiar faces and other partners. From  learning about Analytics Plus to discussing digtal marketing techquines and how to kill it on Linkedln, ManageEngine nailed the week, giving Tim and Gerry many new idea’s. 

“We learned a lot in the space of a week, intense product updates, training and discussing what the next year has in store for us here at Servaplex”

ManageEngines new Product updates:

In our pursuit to align evolving customer requirements and the
ever-changing IT landscape, we’ve had an adventurous year, packed
with new product releases and big feature updates.

  • Applications Manager extended performance monitoring support to Oracle Cloud.
  • Site24x7 announced CloudSpend, a cost analytics platform for public cloud platforms.

ServiceDesk Plus expanded its rapid-start enterprise service desk capabilities to its on-premises offering.

On-site and remote session.

Sarneek Tiwari

Sarneek does implementation and training of IT Service Management, Active Directory and Endpoint Management products like ServiceDesk Plus, Desktop Central, Vulnerability Manager Plus, ADManager Plus, ADSelfService Plus, ADAudit Plus. Sarneek is starting to become booked up for the first half of the year so for any information about this contact Sarneek directly